Friday, March 20, 2015

After what I see here in Twin Falls shit better get better in Evanston


Here I sit in Twin Falls sipping something fruity and tangy, full of Vodka , maybe its Gin I don’t know, but it damn well tastes good. I’ve had 5 so far this one makes number 6.

I went over to Hazzard just a few hours ago, it was great looking at the old homestead there. To buy it back is a half mill, damn wished we would have gotten that back in 85 for it. My how stuff changes when it really doesn’t change at all. Wish fishin season was open then I could have went fishin for cats, no not the meow kind. Hey I only ate a meow cat once and that was on a bet.

I have seen growth from one end of this valley to the other. Was great tooling around in LexiBelle, her sweet rumbling pipes were music to my old ears. Something about a full bore big block Chevy through straight pipes and Cherry Bomb mufflers to get a old gear head in a trance, of remembering old times.

Sadly , here in a few hours, once I have slept off these drinks whatever they are, I have to fly back to Evanston and the serious migraine that, that is. I can tell you this, my two and 6 wheeled friends. The docs for the mini Reaper in Evanston is set for May 1st , so the village that should be forgotten, annexed to Utah, and rebuilt, if I can’t find things any easier and the club, mostly me can’t make a better connection, come May 1st there wont be no Reaper, nor radio station nor me there. As come May 1st, my stuff will be loaded, truck car and furniture, and my butt is back in Twin Falls. So to Mindy, Brittany , Anita, and a half dozen others, if you want jobs and want to see the Reaper happen there in your tiny village, you best be finding me the resources that the club and I need. Or I and the Knytes wont be there and we’ll all watch Evanston drown.