Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time for the put up or shut up, stage

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good morning As I just attempted to catch some needed shut eye, I started thinking which is something I do more these days. The Pixie Hollow Shangri-La days of the club is while not over, seriously shedding skin. There was a time that we had gobs of cash to throw at things, if they worked great, if not scrap it move on those days are gone. Sure the club is gaining ground in some areas as well as the fact more cash in the stash box. The $389,000,000.00 in the kitty is great, until one starts breaking that down. Of that $389,mil, is divided up over 50 states, 1,000 members and their families , it doesn’t go as far as it used to. So every project, ever outreach , every new enterprise has to be examined and is examined under the biggest magnifying glass and microscope that you can and most likely can’t imagine.

As far as the Reaper here in Evanston, that’s still on target, but I am concerned about having the high quality eye candy staff there that will be required. Long before I put my ink on paper and involving the Knytes,or the AyreWolvez, I damn well want to see at minimum of 10 super hotties with their head pulled out of their ass. Second the Radio station which is what I came here for. The Knytes knows that these diesel jockeys out here on the big road, need our voice over the air, telling them of road, weather conditions as well as keeping them informed and entertained. KDXC is not just for this Podunk ungrateful town of Evanston, its for that community called I-80. Truckers, bikers, towing professionals. That’s why the radio werx exists, not for some too conservative town, that thinks that some big company is going to march in here and save the day. Those same big companies watch what happens to medium sized business’ and enterprises. If they get treated well, things go smooth, they also start inching in. If not the big players look elsewhere like Metro-Utah, which soon Evanston will be Utah, since there is very little Wyoming here. Face it Rocky Mountain Power the electric service provider, Utah. Questar, the provider of natural gas for heat etc, Utah. Cable/Internet service provider, again Utah based. How about a booster that brings in one of the Wyoming TV stations from Casper, or Cheyenne ? How about our own power company, Internet/cable company, natural gas company. Nobody likes to hear this, but damn it, if Evanston is to be Wyoming, lets be Wyoming, or allow Utah to annex the spoiled brat village so that at least some of Utah’s consumer protection and tax money can rub off on this town.

Sorry got off course there a bit.

As far as the Knytes, it would be so easy, to stop the opening of the MC Shop/Towing service, forget the bar, put up the radio station in an office here, and have a couple of our members from Woodruff or Morgan Utah come up and maintain that, and me move back to Idaho, without a second thought. As far as the Hazzard Nationals/DukesFest West, that can happen just as easy in Burley or American Falls Idaho as it can in Evanston Wyoming.

I guess there are the doubting Thomas’s and fretting Betty’s here that think I’m blowing smoke, and after getting flinched by a con man saying he was reviving KEVA here that snookered a bunch of people, they have a right to be cautious. But whether its Kerra, who hasn’t even called or stopped by in days, funny I could fork out for drinks and all, for a meeting, plus a 12 pack of Mikes Lemonade, that I had to leave the other night, but if I just lost a job, and needing money to feed me, I’d be at the Wolf’s Den every damn day, I’d be doing what she said she could do. I guess they don’t understand that our investment in this town and herself, as well as our two new hires and all only benefits them , The Knytes flat don’t give a damn. To most of the club, Evanston is a sore spot. One that through a gal who once worked at the same bar we are intending on buying , took the club for $30,000.00 of radio equipment, cost me $10,000.00 in bail money to get her ass out of jail, provided her an attorney at the tune of $25k, which is why we as a club have been searching for Miss Tammy Hunt, to say where the hell is our equipment?

Where is the station cash money of $100,000.00 in advertising revenue you stole? Not because she is the best gall darn bar tender in the west.

Because of that defending and making this final effort on establishing a sub charter of the Knytes here as well as serving all the citizens of I-80, and I-84 from here, really difficult. I was told that if something goes sour on or TV/magazine shoot in two weeks depending on weather, that I’m to do the Tatt shop, for Matt and Sammi, the Radio station, and then me ? Well Montpelier/Paris Idaho, Garden City/Pickleville Utah is a light I’m looking at, and why there? No competition. There is NO TOWING service in either place. Well one in Paris, but he don’t want to get out of bed or go out after dark. Add to that rescuing pickups when they launch boats in Bear Lake and get stuck, makes that look mighty tasty. So in closing, I say this to many in Evanston, its time to put up or shut up. Either you can accommodate our needs, or you can’t, but don’t keep me dangling, or the club, just knawing at the string.


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