Monday, March 9, 2015

The History behind the Reaper

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RC LOGO It’s not just from the TV show. The Reaper Club, is the Full Throttle Saloon and the Boars Nest mashed together as one helluva place done Hazzard Style.

But let’s look at the why and how the Reaper Club, got into the mix of the Knytes.

The beginnings of the Reaper goes back to the earliest days of the club. Back when we ran as the Hazzard County Knytes, needing some visual eye candy, for TV ads and so fourth, we took a page out of Firebird Raceway of Boise Idaho. See every year right before the annual FoX Hunt, in sponsorship by English Leather Cologne put on the Miss Fox Hunt contest at Shorty’s Saloon in Boise.

The winners would be on the English Leather Calendar and take home $5k. Great but what if you offered $25k, a place on a two year calendar and staged it like Firebird Raceway did it, in a saloon, where saloon patrons would cheer and hence vote on the hottest of the hotties.

Try as we might, we could not get one single bar, saloon, or other establishment to stage the event. The Knytes do not relish being told NO.

Not so volatile, lets say its a Sunday afternoon, your wanting a place with a big screen TV, some suds, spuds and a comfy chair to watch your favorite NASCAR race or drag race. In our area, your lucky to find a bar of any kind open, plus few if any are just showing a NASCAR race.

The first version of the Reaper was opened in a hole in the road called West-Point Idaho. Place sort of looked like the Boars Nest and that’s what we called it. Didn’t do very well.

The second attempt was in Springfield Idaho, again location was not good, so it was scrubbed.

Third location was in Morgan Utah, we called the place , Cooter’s Brew and Grill, complete with exotic dancers. However the place had to be scrubbed due to Marine duty.

Fourth location was again in Twin Falls, Idaho. The only reason that did not get off the ground, was the old gal that owned the place, decided, within two days of opening, to not sell the place. We should have sued but club officers said leave it alone. Right now between Twin Falls and Kimberly construction is under way for the grand Reaper.

Getting foxy bodies there is not a problem.

Two smaller versions of the Reaper is underway, one in Bliss Idaho, and the other here in Evanston Wyoming with an additional saloon, called GearHeads Saloon, which will be a full bore, NASCAR bar, similar to NASCAR Thunder just outside of the gates of Daytona Raceway.

That’s the how and why of the Reaper Club.


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