Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wind beneath my wings Part 1


This is going to be fun watching the property manager tell the property owners that the reason I’m moving even with just 3 months into the lease, that the reason of departure is, a minor fix in parking and telling junior to shut up after 10:00PM. Although she might not tell the property owner that, but I will. Funny the same gal was all so nice and lovey dovey, but has started to be come a pain. Giving me a three day notice, for my parking error, yet she lets someone else park in a gall darned loading zone, my ass. This property like all too many is designed around one idea, none wed, pregnant or just been there. Or students aka Wal-Mart employees.

Had a talk with Keith earlier on the phone, damn it’s nice , to have a cell phone, but talked with Keith. Decision, give my 30 day notice to the owners of this property, set up the office, but as for myself and our Wolf-Pack, get the Pack outta here.

After the over view we could keep pouring money into the damn area, or do like every other smart business that ever came here, be smart and get out before Evanston bankrupts you. This time its for good. And to answer the question is simply answered had I had more available funds, and the WolfPup not been down, I’d have never moved into the Wentworth and just made a beeline to the beehive state and forgot I ever came here.

While I’d like to be able to repair this town, after wasting so much money on that Brittany and all, I don’t have the tools or inclination to doing much of anything beyond the radio gig here and me bowing out faster than I got trapped here in the first place.

I’m still waiting for the photographer and web builder person from Cokeville to show up or call. My thing to her is I want to get about 8 model talents up here, for an open audition. The time for waiting is over. Either do the job, or say your all booked up so we can find someone who can.

Burley in the Cross Hairs.

That in the next edition.

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