Thursday, March 26, 2015

Daily Breef


Had a good night although with the phlegm I had in my throat had to sleep partly sitting upright.

Woke up to the birds singing and it was warm. Even in the freezebox called Evanston. Speaking of the town most in the club would just assoon forget, The club is going forward on the radio station, and what that means, but have dumped just about everything else. My orders came this morning, to finish that up, and start looking for housing in Idaho, mostly Burley or perhaps Montpelier. Close enough to where the sub station of the radio station here in Evanston is, but I can leave, and not be anywhere near a resident.

As for myself I think, that the club is going to spend additional dollars tilling this field that is not environmentally ready or willing to accept the seeds we’re planting. I explained this to Keith the other night. Going to our Farm roots, there are certain crops that will germinate and grow in some places , but will die out in others. Example, you can plant cotton in Georgia, but not here in the Rocky Mountains, mainly Wyoming.

Let’s face it, you don’t move to Wyoming to become a actor or music performer or even drive NASCAR, likewise , finding models that are mature enough to do such things. A grand lady who runs one of if not the biggest modeling/casting agencies of the region told it to be, that around here, you can only cast for things church friendly, anything else, must be cast out of either Nashville, New York, Dallas, or Hollywood. For what we’re looking to do, more over the photographer and website builder we need. Not here.

I’m still waiting for that gal from Cokeville to call, or something, but my guess is, she ain’t so we gotta move on, give the site project to Infogenix out of Provo, Utah. And be done with it. Which brings me to my point. It came to point, the other day when and it still hurts. Not that she came and went, but her and two others interested in the club supporting a tattoo shop for them decides to bug out. In words of one of those, I too don’t have time for BS, more over any inclination to. I’m in the vehicle rescue and transport business, yes I tow. My world at lest 80% of my time, is centered on that. 5% to flying dusting crops and 5% to the club. In years gone by it was more 60% towing, 20% club, 20% flying. But since I have been suspended from the cockpit due to my weight, or at least until I loose 69 pounds to gain a BMI of 44, My world centers on going towing. Quite frankly, with a population of 20,000 if you include the entire county, and 8 other tow companies here, going towing in Wyoming is not something I’m looking at to do here. I left in late November, 2014 to erect a radio station for truckers/bikers in Evanston Wyoming. Past that and I’m even willing to say the radio station would go over better in Bancroft, or Malad Idaho at least there I have support from both immediate blood kin there, as well the club. So April is a clean up finish it month, here in Evanston, and mid May, my Wolf-Pack is outta here. I’ve had enough. To date there hasn’t been one gal for modeling show up at the Wolf’s Den to interview. More over I haven’t been up close and cuddly with a gal of any venue since I got here. So what’s the point? Do radio in Evanston by remote control, as for me, I’m on my way out home to Idaho.

As I close, one of those that said they were too busy to hang with the club even though it was the clubs green they needed for a Tattoo shop, called, then sent a text, wanting me to truck on down to the VFW club last night. First after spending a bunch of money on them and Britt all month, plus paying bills, my wallet is depleted. Second with me having strep throat and an inner ear infunction with the meds I gotta take I ain’t driving no where nor doing anything I don’t have too. Plus I’m resting to be ready for the move outta here, something that should have been done in February. Now again if some of those thinking they need me to stay, then here’s the formula> A gal that looks like this>Straw Butt with legs like these>nylons_thumb3 dressed in these>OHP_67608_Suntan_is shows up here at the Wolf’s Den, that wants to get up close and personal, I might have a change of heart and mind. But since in reality, the ultra ridiculous conservative attitude here makes that a big shot in the dark, if I gotta be by myself, might as well as be somewhere , where I can at least get an occasional scratch and sniff rather than no contact at all.


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