Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The entire planet is intoxicated and there’s few recovery paths left


The way I see it, Yankee in fact all of our nations ultra stupidity has been derived from the abandonment of the central family nucleus, as well as the intake of who knows how much of absurd narcotics.

Even though even before I saw the dawn of light on the last Monday of this month of  the Taurean calendar there were warnings of no ingesting of alcohol or nicotine before giving birth or the gestation period. Of course my mom did both, plus milked cows , tended to fields irrigating by shovel, plastic dam and siphon tube. Loading and unloading fat bulls and cows was not a unusual occurrence. In fact it was such a time, a loading at the YCup Ranch just north of Wells Nevada, that brought us to Producers Livestock in Jerome, where at 01:05 I came into the world and the planet has never been the same since.

The reason I was and became okay, although that idea might be somewhat obscure, but the reason I’m okay is that I had a Dad and Mom that had several things going in our favor, but mostly that in Dad and Mom’s vocabulary there was no word like divorce. Mom and Dad stuck together and built a mini empire. The fact that a few kin folk and a few sort of call advisors got zealously greedy, and took from me what was my earthly reward is im material. I never wanted the riches, I was always content with the most humble of gifts. To prove that fact if there’s enough of the Hazzard Ward of the LDS Church of Hazzard Idaho that will tell the truth, What I never played with or briefly played with, filled 14 needy families with 12 kids a piece, with near to new toys one Christmas in 1976. Did I get a pat on the back then? No. But that’s for another time. The fact is I had a Mom who cared. I was able to read a college level at age 3, although comprehension unless I was really interested in the subject was a crap shoot, but I could read it. I had a college graduate level vocabulary by age 8 although my mathematical skills were limited, as math then bored the dog manure out of me , but I could do it. While Mom did her best, and nothing against Dad , but Dad was always TDY for DoD and OsI , mom was doing mostly home schooling. But I learned. The break through on that was a dedicated 6th Grade teacher at Crestview Elementary School in Layton Utah by the name of Mrs... Sturgeon. I had been warned prior to my 6th grade year in grade school, that Mrs... Sturgeon, was a real battleaxe mean teacher. Really? The first morning I was in class that year, I flat looked up at Mrs... Sturgeon and said, “ Mrs... Sturgeon, I can’t do math.” Apparently I broke through some ice there and I had the run of that class. Mrs... Sturgeon put together some multiplication tables that I could stick to my desk. I used them and developed my math skills, that and weeks of  after school instruction. I learned and I learned well. Back then there were teachers that cared.

Oh sure there was narcotics all over the place, but back then it was not at the epidemic level that it is today. Abstract reasoning and concepts were not feared but encouraged. As a youth , long before I knew anything about my confederate ancestry I was a science and aviation nerd . I loved anything that flew or anything to do with flying. Living outside the main gates of Hill Air Force Base Utah, and being that I had exposure to aircraft there including pre training in F4 Phantom fighter simulators, as well as simulators of the F11-A I was always with my eyes to the sky and head in the clouds. Mrs... Sturgeon encouraged this, by allowing me to have our class room to look like the bridge of the original series Star Trek. The walls had some treky art work, and we learned astronomical sciences. Again I’m getting off course a bit.

Since the late 1970’s mid 1980’s our population our nation has undergone a great shift in the amount of learning, although we should be as a nation excelling in this, our math , and sciences even abstract reasoning skills that youth need are way below just about every nation on the planet. The fact that all too many of our population is from or youth from broken homes , unwed mother households, households that are of or created from Meth to cocaine to cannabis, and just about everything in between . Is alcohol any better? Yes and no. While I manage on behalf of the Knytes 3 biker/trucker/aviation bars, still myself I can’t stand the smell of, or taste of beer any more. It makes me sick. As in hurling sick. Shine, Jack Daniels sure but even moderately. But we know the outcome from these substances. When it comes to narcotics we have no idea. However there is one healthy narcotic. That I promise you is worth the time to absorb. Its the love of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. The path of infection and its a good infection is through the Bible, not just the 11 chosen texts but of the apocalyptic texts as well. Once you step into the world of theology you’ll wonder why you weren’t there before. Then there is the recognition of ancestral truths that all too many don’t want to know and were not exposed to as youth.

There are historical truths that just are not taught and heroes that are just not recognized as heroes.

As a youth I was all taught the thing of old Abe Lincoln and all about how honest and such he was, some on the war of northern invasion(civil-War) but not the truth. We all watched such movies as Roots and all and thought that was the way it was supposed to be. Even my family had two house keepers from African background that some might call slaves , but both I loved and they loved me. But few will admit, that for every slave that was mistreated, there were 10 that were well cared for, and well compensated. But should that prevent us as a nation from looking to that southern way of Government as a solution, to the many ills that the Yankee government has caused?

On the subject of heroes , When the names of the greats of WWII are mentioned, few mention the greatest contributor of the reason we as a population don’t eat with chop sticks today. The best bio of this man is in two books Baa Baa BlackSheep, and Once they were eagles. Gregory Hallenback , was born in Saint Mary’s Idaho. Enchanted with flight from seeing a crop duster doing exotic flight, Greg went into the Marines. However he couldn’t fly as he under his adopted name was married. So he took it upon himself to reapply under his sir name Gregory Boyington. Over time and after a stint with the AVG and Fighting Tigers, Greg formed a squadron out of replacement pilots protecting the Solomon chain during WWII, the squadron of course is the VMF214, today known as the VMA214 still flying as the BlackSheep and a squadron , I’m proud to having been part of and in spirit still am.

Everyone wants to relive or grab a piece of retro life. While I say, life is not a video tape. You can’t stop life, cut out the bad parts splice the good together and go on. But we can learn from the past, and create a world that Heavenly Father wants to send his son back too. Isn’t that what our ultimate goal should be. Do we need mind altering narcotics to make us happy? I say only one, the love of our Heavenly Father, the guidance of his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, and the road map is in two books, our bible, and the Book of Mormon.

Going back to my years of being an incurable treky. In Star Trek cannon, there is the Prime Directive. That has at its core instruction not to invade or over due exposure with none warp or interstellar populations.

The definition there is simply, try to not change or instruct people in populations of those whose minds can’t or wont absorb it. For them, such as that here in Evanston, this kind of instruction and education has to be done by baby spoon sized servings. Western Wyoming and parts of eastern Utah, are just not mature enough to intake a large dose of advanced concepts. As such we as club members need to remember , that here just as western Idaho and northwest Utah was, and that it was by small servings that we changed the course of mighty rivers of mindsets.

With any luck I’ll get my SSI money today, need to get meds and do my insurance. Will report back at 11:00 hours.