Sunday, April 26, 2015

I wanna go home, oh my I wanna go home

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How do I open or create this entry, without it sounding like somebody mashing out sour grapes? Some times what we think is God’s inspiration is really the Devils influence. Consider what I have thought was God’s inspiration in coming to Evanston Wyoming might have really been the Devil coning me into something. In either case, I remember a rule of thought my mom used to tell me, “ If its such a great idea, how come someone else ain’t done it” In this case two others did and for the boom years here it did. There are two reasons that the current radio station here does little in the way of LIVE radio. One they can’t afford wages , and two there are damn few people able to go on air here, no matter the gender. See Drake Chennault didn’t do anyone any favors. It took a human being out of a radio studio. Took it to big production companies in NYC , HollyWood, and such places and soon all you needed was an occasional button pusher. No more true radio personalities. Someone who would segway between songs and music with quick on the fly responses, jokes, and tid bit news items. Few today even could cue a 45 rpm record. But I keep getting this small pings from Hazzard and surrounding area and I’m not really ignoring them. There are two rules of thought, move the rest of the towing service to Evanston, or better off might be , move me and my half of the towing service back to near or in Twin Falls or at least Hazzard. Remember Bliss Idaho? Has no tow service what so ever, and 30 miles each direction of very busy interstate 84. On the main haul to Boise. So I’m leaning very strong towards that rather than keep banging my head here in always cold and snowy Evanston Wyoming. Plus the idea of a lot warmer weather, and at least the club taking me to either of three places for my birthday, and helping take care of that strange Hawaiian dizzeeze , Lackanuki . Things need to get better by mid June or as planned, my butt moves home come July, I’m tired of chasing this rabbit.

Now dig this, to date outside of Nate my partner in business , club member and friend, nobody from our local LDS ward, the few that wanted me to get the club to fund their tattoo place and a bunch of others have even came by, to say Happy Birthday, Monday. None of them. So I’m leaning towards the concept of rather than bring LexiBelle to Evanston from Twin Falls, Idaho. Maybe I go to where LexiBelle is, and just admit, those there were right in the first place, that Evanston is a loosing concept. As far as the radio station? Looking at Montpelier Idaho, or Garden City Utah for that, No its not helping OTR truckers of I-80, but it might help, a bunch on U.S. 30 at least its Idaho.

Well hedding off to Church again, but it might be one of the last times I do it. Yes I’m thankful to my Uinta View Ward for getting my equipment back, but I’m thinking that it’d been much better if I’d have just put it all in storage in Bountiful somewhere. rather than haul it here to Evanston. There is no future here, the town is dying, and unless your ready to kiss certain tails, your not getting anywhere. This wolf don’t kiss no one’s tail.



Quote of the Day:
Encouragement is like a premium gasoline - it helps to take knocks out of living.
Hebrews 7:25“Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”

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