Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Don’t gripe when you have it good Why complaign?

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Every day I see people on Facebook and others bitching about some telecom, cell company or utility. Most are from people that wont pay their bills and just get cut off. Now I grant you there are those utility companies like Questar, or the cable company out of Glenns Ferry Idaho, that wont work with you no matter what one does. But usually the whatever problem CAN be worked out with most companies, even CenturyLink. Granted there are limitations and I have been doing a bunch of dumping on Allwest Communications lately, but one has to realize they are but a very small cable/internet/phone company. Did they bite more than they can chew when they bought out WindJammer Cable(TWC) a few years ago? Perhaps, are they slow to improve service yes partly but the return on investment has to be there before any company invests big money into anyplace or anything, but Allwest does do a pretty good job, overall. Their customer services reps on their call center needs to get a better attitude, but again overall they are still a great company to do business with. Now if Phil would just return my phone call.

But I’m going off course, returning to the original vector here.

I was fully against Verizon, simply because of an idiotic vendor of their services in Pocatello, who closed at exactly 5:00PM years ago, which cost me $5,000.00 in a lost accident disaster on I-15 just 1 mile from Fort Hall Idaho, in  2006, so I boycotted and so did both the club and my company, trouble is all I was hurting was me, and also the club. Also another vendor there that had a very bad attitude, in Twin Falls/Burley, called Bullfrog. Be that as it may, I signed up on a pre pay here in Evanston through a vendor based out of Salt Lake City, converted an old phone to it, and I’m paying less now than what I was paying in Twin Falls, called Syringa for. Then I see people bitching about Google and Google Chrome. My experience with both outside of some rare occurrences has been positive. This very blog would not be possible without Google and Google’ Blogger. Which in my opinion is much better and more secure than WordPress or Stumbleupon. My YouTube works flawlessly, which brings me to the simple point, when you have a service or company, even if everything is not be perfect, hey there is no Perfect World there are dope smoking, meth heads everywhere that screw the pooch everywhere. But if you call and talk to someone, even telemarketers and be stern, problems can be solved. Be thankful for what we do have. Now if Google’s phone service will just arrive in Evanston here, and Evanston could just be Wyoming, and quit sucking on the hind teat of Utah, it’d be a really perfect as close to perfect as it could be.




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