Thursday, April 2, 2015

A better day in the city

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A better day today, although still under some internal pain. Eating out at JB’s of Evanston Wyoming has food that will kill ya’ll. The facility is unkept, the cash register don’t work, the service is poor. What needs to happen here is for them to sell it to someone that can make it run.

Got help on Wolf’s Den rent, good, and help with the payment on the gear and all at I4, just now have to go fetch it, but before I can, got to find a suitable, but affordable place to put it. While the place at the Wells Fargo building is good, it may be to disturbing to other tenants there so looking for a stand alone. So we as a group are out still for a month.

Once again expenses and budget didn’t line up for me to attend NAB in Las Vegas this year. I really wanted to go, but hey it’ll be there next year and shy of a earthquake, or worse I plan on being there next year. Our new radio station will be licensed to the town of CokeVille Wyoming, but studios, offices etc will remain in Evanston.

I planned on being there this year, its the grand show for anyone in broadcasting. Not just to look over the new toys for on air, but the educational seminars, and interacting with others in the business. But next year, I’ll be there.

Heard from the spoiled brat that we had for all of 2-1/2 weeks as a prospect. i think she was more into the Reaper Club project that has been put on hold, pending the owners of the building formerly housing Lotty’s here gets in touch. I can tell you this; there are few if anyone else that would undertake that at the rates they want for it, given the condition of the facility. My advice to them, get me the written lease, or forget it. We have another location picked out and are negotiating on the property. Maybe not the Reaper, but a slice of Hazzard County, in a very busy part of the town.

There were many including myself that were looking at leaving here this month, but all too many wanted that since we present a threat on the bassackwards way of life here. However rather than tuck tail and run we decided to remain, and build this operation to a level that will make all previous disbelievers and such cringe and think I could’ve been there. Like I said to those who ignored and closed the door, the Reaper crew and the Knytes offer only once, after which well the interview goes much different.

Going out to look for a decent TV, might even truck down to DI in Ogden.

Going to Utah is going to be a tight finger gripping happening, with President Obama and LDS Conference this weekend there, traffic and all is going to be as thick as molasses In a cold winter.

The brat Britt, asked what money did she cost me and/or the club? It’s not the coffee and soda breaks that was okay but the loss of productivity and all that dealing with her without any results cost us just over $6,000.00 . Hey you learn, right?

Any mile putting my feet up and relaxing, see all Friday morning .

Just hope the Bishop can inquire of the congregation, if one of them has a older good working TV. Would be good for watching conference.


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