Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I think I got the flu again

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Thank you Lester for the germ that got me sick again. Just when I thought I had one bug gone, I come down with one helluva tummy ache and the sniffles. No strep throat yet but I feel like a near dead battery.

So I got up, snagged some choco milk, and will try to hit the rack.

Some snow fell over night, its not bad in the Utah valley, but here in Evanston out my way its purtty thick. Some fog, near over water bridges. I-80 looks okay but is slick in most places between Fort Bridger and Rock Springs.

Well one more of Fx’s most popular and profitable series is now finished. The ending was near predictable, although there was some plot twists, I didn’t think the 4 years later thing was right. I thought Eva and Boyd’s son, on some ranch in California did anything, but it wrapped that up pretty well. Seeing Boyd Crowder preaching in prison, and all was interesting, but some ends were not tied together well. Watch and see if the series isn’t reworked into a new series with some of the same characters. But as it is now Justified is over. If FX doesn’t quit killing off its hit series’ there soon wont be anything to watch on FX. Seeing how SOA is gone, now Justified, The Coven and American Horror Stories is kaput, what’s next The Americans? Only reason I watch that one is because I’m really into Kerri Russell. Have been since her debut in Pacific Shores, and of course the following series she did called Felicity. She just has the cutest little nose. No big ski ramp or inverted V ditcher plow nose.

I’ve got just bout all of the connections made for the radio gig to start working. We fired up for a couple of hours last night, but again need some wires and such that are not readably available here, going to check out what Wal-Mart has, along with the router so I can run my laptop while I air the show over Bertha. So that’s where that’s at.

Hope tonight is better weather wise, as I got to go see the Bishop, as there’s a matter of church protocol that I need to discuss. For once I’m not asking for financial anything. As outside of the Church making my rent for May, so I can make the final payment to I4, I’m okay money wise. But when the Bishop mentioned in Priesthood meeting last Sunday that the church records only has me as a Deacon, which is not bad understand, still I know dang well that to go home teaching you need to be at least a Teacher, and I did that with Mr. Meacham when I really lived in Hazzard years and years ago. The church makes some blundering errors, and while I understand most are after all human still how can you progress to a higher calling if someone fumbles the ball at the 20 yard line, of Priesthood escalation? Like I have said b4, between the Knytes and the AyreWolvez, of which there is 500 members of each which makes the 1000 members in each state, its my job to tend to the affairs of both groups. So I have to keep their information current, that is a daunting task and yet, without much if any assistance I do just that. Yet with the church’s many millions of members and millions of dollars and an office tower in downtown Salt Lake City, they can’t keep mine. Gives some credibility to the reason, some of the church’ members fall away, and some just give up. At 05:10 Hours I’m going to try to get some sleep.


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