Saturday, April 4, 2015

They laugh at us, but already are buying what we started and offer

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The doubters and the detractors, are everywhere. Fear comes from people not in the know, the sad part is they are already buying what we’re selling. They just don’t realize it.

Our local cable system here also are completely ignorant of what’s on the HUD, here. The lady at their Evanston Wyoming office after I inquired about some features I’d like to see offered, said its a get what you get thing. I think in many ways AllWest is having money troubles and is not willing to admit it. The answer of, would AllWest sell the Evanston system here was, “The guy who owns AllWest is in California somewhere, and can’t be reached.” I say the real deal there is she fears, what would happen if someone really started nosing around and did buy the system here. She said it couldn’t be bought. I say most everything can be bought for the right price. But I’m digressing here and getting off course.

Back in 2003, when I discovered webcasting, people in these parts laughed at the Knytes and myself, when I suggested doing up a live 24/7 radio station that was delivered over the web, rather than traditional terrestrial radio. I said TV was also possible, put a streaming Internet Protocol Television station, that aired retro TV programs and home grown indy films. Indy stands for Independent Produced films.

Today such services, as IHeart, Panda, and others are delivering web radio. As are we through Livestream. Additionally TV is being streamed over the web, through such services as NETFLIX, HULU, and others. All major Cable networks are delivering their good shows over the web, broadcast TV stations stream their local news over the web, the list is long, but remember these are the same people, who laughed at us when we suggested streaming broadcasting.

So why choose Evanston Wyoming? Evanston is Utah at least Metro Utah without having to live and be taxed out the six, as would be in Utah. Evanston is hungry for a change in its music and information. Plus any more one doesn’t need to be tied to their computer any more to tune in. From Ipads to SmartPhones can tune in and be just as portable as those tiny transistor radios we used to walk around with.

Technology has brought a new way to broadcast, and HazzardAyre was there at the beginning and will be there even better here in about 3 months.

It’s just that some people are scared of change. More on that in my next entry here in HazzardAyre Gazzette.


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