Monday, April 27, 2015

Don’t just teach a class apply what you teach

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It’s now official, as of 01:05 this old kountry canine was born, in Idaho. But has migrated to all parts of the Mountain West.

There was Sunday, maybe I’m barking too early here, and yes I know there are members of the ward that don’t know me, but outside of the Bishop and a few , dang few others who has tried to know me, outside of church? Like I said , dang few.

Yesterday I had mixed emotions, about going to church. There are only two reasons I did, one is obvious to renew my covenants with Jesus, the second to meet with the Bishop. By the time the congregation met for Priesthood, and we got into the lesson, the way I was ignored and treated, several times I felt like getting up and walking out of Priesthood class. The lesson was based on Elder Oaks’ talk a year ago , about respecting those who don’t always practice or see the world as we do, something on the idea, that is constantly taught in both the old and new testament of loving each other as we love ourselves and that includes forgiveness. One High Priest member brought up the idea of some family member they brought into their home that was bound and determined to live life on his own terms, but was seeking refuge in his home. The story went on about the thing of this is their home, respect it for that or split. I brought up the question or tried to anyway, about what was this old guy doing to make the younger man want to remain combative and against trying to absorb the church’s gospel and teachings. Was there a lack of compassion and understanding of that , the older man didn’t know. Maybe there was an underlying cause. Rather than let me bring something up, I was ignored and passed over for discussion, that was right on target for the lesson being taught. Prior to that, during Gospel Principles, I was encouraged to ask questions. Isn’t that what a class of teaching and learning is for? I think there are too many in our Ward that feel like an assignment whatever it is, is a Burdon, rather than a chance to please Heavenly Father and teach his word and lessons. I hear much the same thing from those asked to give a talk. Yesterday one young lady gave a talk that had me glued in my seat, it was really that good. Granted it was read from script, she wrote, but I was getting something out of it. Yet, another guy gave a talk, and although I tried, I never could get aboard his train of thought.

Of all the things I do, my most enjoyable of all is when I’m teaching God’s word, and really getting the idea across. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t just believe in what’s in the scriptures, but that I know what’s in there is exact right to the quick. Maybe few have not been not only once but 3 times at Heaven’s doorway, guarded sternly by two US Marines, but that I have shook the hands of angels and been talked to by Heavenly Father and Jesus. I also remember I was one of those whom like the founding Prophet Joseph Smith, who asked which church, which religion is true. The situation was that it 1964, I was a mere 40 pounds, skin and bone, catching every kind of cold, flu there was. At the time from age 3 to age 6 my white corpuscles were outnumbered by the red ones. My internal thermostat was broke. I ran fevers quite often of 104 to 107, so I just prayed, and asked Heavenly Father to come to me, tell me I was to get better and is the Church I was going to the right one? It was like what I felt was several hours although it might have only been a few minutes, but there in the bedroom, was three images. Heavenly Father, Jesus, and an angel, telling me I would get better, that the church I was going to was the true one. There were other things, but I’ll not go into that now. On all occasions, it was by blessings and laying on of hands, and a miracle medicine called Gamma Goblin, that saved my life. Shortly after I started to eat, mostly Oreos, Milk, and peaches. Moms theory was , the milk and Oreos would put on weight, the peaches give me nutrition. To date, I can’t sleep without the three, which accounts for the pot belly.

Then there was the thing a few weeks ago, of me just wanting a little tyke behind me to be quiet for sacrament. Times have changed, back in the day, if me or my step brother Stephen Michael, would have fussed like that in Church or and especially sacrament, we would get this dirty smelly sock in our mouths and a paddling after we got home. Neither was to our liking so we shut up. Today can’t do that, child abuse, they call it, but in my day it was called discipline. I’m not trying to find fault here, but to me going to church, worshiping our Heavenly Father, is a privilege and pleasure, not a boring or something task. Granted some of the meetings these days are a bit longer. Before the church’s population membership number explosion, Church lasted all day. You got up a 07:30 went to Priesthood, then Sunday School, there was an hour or so break, to go eat dinner, then Sacrament meeting, the Bishop or Bishopric interviews then went home. Today Sunday school is limited to a 45 minute class, so is Priesthood, the big meeting is Sacrament meeting, Basicly a half day. Not bad, but young children need a break, they are so full of energy that sitting for an hour and a half, they are just going to fuss. But I’m getting off target, here. Church in all respects is for learning, you should be able to ask questions and seek answers. Those assigned to teach class’ should not just go over a lesson, but should absorb and apply it, if not in their homes, in th class they teach. Next time the things I’m thankful of from Church.



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