Thursday, April 9, 2015

It’s still about intelligence

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There’s a thing about loyalty or at least common courtesy and understanding, when someone is looking for another for collaboration or looking to acquire money. Just coming out without knowing someone or an organization and saying they want YOU to rake out partly large amounts of money. Especially for something like airing another's radio program on our radio network.

Asking for $5k up front even before the show has proven itself in ratings, is just plain stupid. Even Howard Stern, had to prove himself and his concept, on mediocre wages until he showed that his content, even pushing against the edge of the envelope would make ad dollars. Then its pay time not the other way around.

Then it comes to small business’. Today I was watching the property manager and her husband in forming a new ltl trucking company. The big problem they are having is booking loads. It’s like Towing. You can’t expect new customers or book new contracts, if you don’t spend a little bit of money on some advertising. You have to get your name out there. Build a viable website is great, but putting a small ad in places where those looking at contracting a load or tow sees you. Phone book ads are good too, however some ads in trucking magazines, and/or in the case of towing in want ads effecting or reaching those that will need that tow truck. One of the Rode Knytes members does it this way. He does hot shot sized hauling of livestock, mostly calves. So he got a set of 5X5 cards and posts it at livestock sales front offices and bulletin boards, farm and livestock magazines. An ad does not mean you have to spend BIG money, minimum sized low budget ads does great things. Booking a few low buck loads is good to build reputation, but follow up on that by advertising on those load booking sites. That’s the way you build credibility. Of course there’s booking radio ad time on a trucker based radio show or network. Again you don’t have to saturate a market or show, but keep it consistent. Before too long, people needing your services will then go to YOUR website, book loads, and/or tows. That’s the way Highway Hooker and DixieA1 Toewing has been doing it since 1978, and that’s why we are busy, haven’t seen a big loss of clients, and have weathered the storm of the economic shut down.

Of course, I’ll admit, that I jumped the gun in relocating much of the media werx of The Knytes to Evanston Wyoming. If I had used my head, moving to where my kin folk are in or near southeastern Idaho, or back to ground zero of the clubs founding, would have been smarter.

And in closing health care in Evanston Wyoming. Even after all the hullibu of getting a Wyoming Medicaid card and all, I saw one doctor once, no physiciatry doctor not even once. Now its not Evanston either. Since leaving Idaho, the treatment in Utah at least at Weber County Health Services, had one treatment services provider in Twin Falls Idaho, asking the question when I really , I mean Really needed a prescription filled, my shrink in Idaho said, “What kind of idiots work there?”

Finally , got the bad news from the place performing surgery on General JaXson. The crank shaft is bent. Meaning a new engine. Meaning $4k. While the wise man would say junk the car , I’m not ready to do that, but the idiots at First Stop Auto, that tried to fix the car , put on a bunch of old style V-belts on there, when it required a serpentine belt. The extra tension, on the crank pulley bent the shaft. And yet the same charge problem it went in with, still remains. In short, filing a small claims case with Davis County Courts in Utah to recover the money and get the car repaired. Why did I take it to someone else? If I had fixed the car or worked on it, its my word against First Stop Auto in Layton Utah. By having someone else do the fix it work, its two others to bring to court.

See ya’ll in the AM.


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