Friday, April 17, 2015

Once upon a time in the good old days

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Once upon a time, telecoms of then only about one did what they could to support and even aid such firms as radio and TV stations, to give broadcasters the tools to communicate with their licensed townships. Seems that was a time forgotten. Today its if you need it, its going to cost you big. Of course even with the advent of the Internet, Telecoms, would trade off some costs in exchange for advertising, although competition was not such a big deal. You got what the phone or cable TV service gave you, or did without. Of course this isn’t limited to broadcasters and telecoms. When I first got LexiBelle>BLACK LEXI I had no real experience in running a tow truck except hook and go. But there were many old timers around that showed me how to use my equipment. I had many teachers, many of them became members of the Toew Bro’s Club a subsidiary of the Knytes-of-Anarchy. Many didn’t. Many are out for number one and few would defer a tow bill from a fellow toewer like Intermountain Towing of North Salt Lake Utah did for me. Seems as though I got further faster in Utah than I have in either some places Idaho, and even here in Wyoming.

Population of course makes the difference, certain firms will not bother with assisting a fellow company doing the same or a distant but similar business. In Many cases its monkey see , monkey do.

After a very long day on the eastern side of the state of Wyoming recovering trucks, and a few cars from a seasonal super snow storm I’m very tyred, but I still went to tonight’s Knytes meeting held in neighboring Randolph Utah about 25 miles from Evanston. The Knytes High Council, has tentively voted on the idea of scrubbing the radio werks in Evanston, as well as the bar the Reaper Club, and move them to Metro Utah, and American Falls Idaho respectively.

The Internet pipe is a bit larger than what is available at a reasonable cost in or near Evanston Wyoming. Liquor laws are a bit more relaxed in Idaho. So I’m looking at keeping LexiBelle>BLACK LEXI in Twin Falls Idaho where she rests at Magic Valley Transmissions. and repairing both my car and service truck, then relocating to Utah/Idaho. Evanston was a great idea, but there are too many restrictions that are and will prevent the kind of investment return to make it possible.

Used to be, Once upon a Time, companies used to help other companies, even Chambers of Commerce, which has yet to give me a return phone call. I remember when our flagship radio station first fired its first bolt of radio lightening there in Buhl Idaho. I didn’t have to go to the Chamber of Commerce, they came to me. As it was once said on an old TV show, “ Those were the days” Too bad those days can’t be repeated. Yes Once Upon A Time.


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