Saturday, April 18, 2015

Attempted but could not do it


Well I tried to arise at 09:00 hours, but overnight from 03:00 hours until 09:00 hours when I were to rise anyway, I ran a temperature of 101 was up hurling like a manure spreader and going from the other end even faster. Guess I got some sort of flu but at 11:00 hours my temperature broke and sweated like being in an old Indian lodge. I mean profusely. Guess it was from two days of being up near Rawlins pulling trucks out of the snow in the freezing snow and cold. Hey it gets to ya.

So have been watching of all things an exchange between the Disney Channel and METV the Westerns. Not that I have anything against those , but you’d think that Allwest and others would give us a choice of channels to choose from and pay for what we want to watch and pay for. Consider the latest offering from Verizon. They just carved out this thing called mini bundles, where its nearly alacarte programming, Comcast says they are soon to offer the same option, maybe that way we can get Viacom networks like Spike and CMT, both would be great for me since Spike has the Power Nation what used to be the PowerBlock and of course CMT for the Dukes. VH1 and of course MTV amongst others. Of course Allwest has relinquished such channels as BBC that on weekends Star Trek Next Generation, and as heard will soon run the rest of the Star Trek franchise, like Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Of course I’d love to see Fresh Meat from British channel 4 that makes most similar shows here in the States look like chopped liver. You’ve seen my reviews of that show so I’ll dispense from that, but dig this; I’d love to see at least some of the TV at least on cable, offer something to the adult male rather than tweens teens and women all the time. How about a channel or channels that offer something to us male adult gearheads? And Cable wonders why so many are cutting the cord. The only thing any more from cable providers is a strong Internet connection, pay $12.00 to Hulu, and forget the rest of it.

So yes I once again missed going to the meeting house to do my cleaning chores, but while the mind was into that the body wasn’t. Just a sign this body of mine is getting old. The fire is still in the furnace but there’s a bunch of snow on the roof.

So I’m taking a shower to get rid of this sweat, then some meds then bed, so I can at least go to church, and oh yes where is the Elders of my Ward to give me a blessing to get rid of my illness?


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