Thursday, April 16, 2015

What started as an idea turned out to be a success

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HazzardAyre started as a dream in the middle of a cold, snowy night. It had been 7 months since the original studios of AyreWolfFM closed and I was content on just writing, flying and toewing. When all of a sudden, after a trip to the indoor latrine, as I laid there thinking and dreaming of what the next step for the radio voice of todays modern confederacy would be or how to get it together. How could Hazzard County/Dixie Diesel Radio be combined with AyreWolffm? So it hit me as square as a drop of water from the ceiling . HazzardAyre. Since then HazzardAyre took flyte and has attained a level from that from which nobody including me could have conceived . From the move to Burley back to Twin Falls, to Ogden, to Woods Cross Utah and now here to Evanston Wyoming. What we as an organization have built a mammoth of a radio network, that has gained an altitude of soaring stratosphere status and nearly a life of its own.

Then it comes to a point of the individual shows that make up HazzardAyre need their own channel. So on our Livestream page, we have them all, but together they make up HazzardAyre.

Gods gift is and has been a miracle, and one that I am proud that I had a part in building.

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