Monday, April 27, 2015

Uncensored my butt

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Next time you see a Facebook group or page that says they’re uncensored

Don’t buy it. Example, Saw this section posted about some page called Evanston Uncensored. So I bit, went on it, and thought I could unload, since too many others were doing the same. So I get up after checking my blood for the 5th time, and saw in my email, asking what my post was all about? I answered this Neil Cook . Says my post was removed. So I removed me from that page and group and as well as Evanston classifieds. Piss on em if they can’t take a bit of jousting. Damn lying Yankees anyway. They ain’t never said the truth and as its all too well turning out , never will.

Then Sunday morning got some call from somebody at 05:00 hours. At that hour the only words coming out of my phone better be; this is Sheriff’s Dispatch, have a tow on some highway . Past that, I treasure my sleep and rest periods.

Now that I’m done bitching, lets get into what is right here in Evanston, and trust me there ain’t much, remember this is Yankee country.

I am in one of if not the best church(LDS) Ward I have ever been in. My Bishop and Bishopric are some of the coolest crew and people I have ever met willing to help and truly doing what’s being preached and taught. They bailed HazzardAyre’s radio gear out from Woods Cross, and now are aiding me in getting LexiBelle down here. I have a family that has adopted me kind of in meetings although they never come to the Eagles Nest, but hey, one can at least hope the feelings in Church goes outside of the meeting house. But I have been blessed. I have made a few friends, here and have kept most of the ones I knew before here. Hope Nate remembers today is my Birthday.>hb So there is grounds for remaining on station for the next 4 or so months, but I’m still leaning on the idea of going home to Idaho.



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--Ralph Waldo Emerson
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