Saturday, April 18, 2015

So what about the biker pilot thing?

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I want to say something that I might have touched on a few times , but needs to be repeated.

Of all the groups of people that I have attached myself to, the two that have embraced and accepted me as just me, without the need of being of celebrity or certain standards, has been the biker and aviation communities. With the biker community its I can be just me, ride in sit down have a brew and be of a feeling that I belong. Pretty much the same thing with the aviation community. While the Knytes started out as a 4-H truckers program/project, and all that makes that up, very few of that respects me and honors me for just being me, like the biker/aviation communities. You fly in or ryde in and feel  like family, without having to be examined like a bug under a microscope or having to pretend to be something your not just to satisfy some long ago forgotten stereotype. On Saturday’s like today I reflect on the days just 3 years ago, and its not all that long ago, when I’d ryde down to the Hazzard Rest Area, just off US-30 pull in throw out the kickstand, sit on the rocks and park bench, get out just your Bible, hear a good sermon, amongst the ducks, swans, coots and otters. The gentle swoosh of the ponds waters as the gurgle from the Snake River, you become one with nature and Heavenly Father. There’s no piano, no organ, we sing , sometimes off key, and off tone, but sing praise music . I got into that after the disappointment of the River Fellowship of Twin Falls, and few if any of the LDS Wards were throwing out the Welcome Mat. With the Biker community there’s no pretense, you just need to be you.

When it comes to the aviation community, it’s the same.

So that’s why I embrace the biker/aviation community, as much as I do and continue to serve those communities, as much as I do.


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