Tuesday, April 7, 2015

iT IS what it is

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My what you forget to inventory when rushed to relocate . Example, got into unpacking and found a mess of program pieces, two movies, and a car stereo that one of those college boys at I4 decided they needed more than me. So I need to make a serious phone call, to attempt to recover those small things, but it also means on one level , yet with the Internet speed I have gives me cause to rethink locations, but I’m getting into that Thursday.

A lot of documents that were in the file cabinet there at the old office had a lot of paperwork in it, including some ancient Comcast bills, that would never have been late if John would have delivered them in the first place which initiated a cascade of me going into the hole rather than soaring into the airwaves there that I should have been.

As I look at it, a few of those college boys, better watch over their backs as one does not want to make the Knytes mad. We don’t really go away, more over we seldom get angry , we forgive, but we also get even.

As I close tonight need to pass this along. A very good friend and celebrity passed away Tuesday. James Best , past away, many of you know him as good old Sheriff Roscoe P Coultrain, I knew him as a dear friend, mentor, and all around great confidant. Rest easy James.

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