Friday, April 10, 2015

Plan B becomes Plan A


Not to say HazzardAyre Radio, the Reaper Club or any of that is dead and gone, but it seems as though we have hit the sign that says not a through street. Not a Dead End, but a path that is blocked due to some short sighted executives at most telecom companies that support the area. What we need is not available here yet, although we as a MC are pushing that, at the present time is not accessible. So its toew not radio for a year or two. So what about the bitching about Evanston? I’m still disappointed in the progress into the 21st Century that Evanston has not made. But one needs to understand the condition of the situation. Evanston is financially supported by really old money held by even older people. As such until they die off , things will remain in a slow crawl here until someone gives it a push. And the Knytes are no stranger to pushing.

Even looking back to our early days in Twin Falls. Things would be stalled in the 19th Century there, if it hadn’t been for the Knytes giving a shove and we shove hard and constantly. Perhaps that’s what Heavenly Father wanted me here to do, give a serious shove into the next millennium of technological, and business progress.

However its also made me live up to where we were and the promise I made in 1976. When the Rode Knytes were formed, and the first flagship radio station for the club went on the air. I said then, if I ever stopped towing or trucking the day that I pull the key out of the ignition, would be the day that I got off the radio. Since I would not be just some citified geek, who fronts as a trucker or towing operator doing radio for the industry. So taking time out as I build the company.

And that might be just what Heavenly Father ordered, since I have three local shops, willing to send me tow business, yet hardly even 1 wanting to buy air time or ads on HazzardAyre Radio.

As I close for now, want to ask; if you have a dishwasher, and you have to wash the dishes by hand, do you even need the dishwasher? Or if your toilet leaks and you cinch down the bolts holding the commode to the floor, but the thing still seeps, would it be better to just have a public outhouse?

Found an apartment down town here for $100.00 less than I’m paying now trouble is, not available until later in the month. Which means the fear of a rent increase at the end of August, will not be a fear any longer.

Stay tuned,


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