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The things that are unsearchable even from Google

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So I am getting into the wardrobe side of costuming for the feature film of the club and radio network. The scene features a slight sideline of attractants of mine that rendered itself in the 1960’s worn by a gal I went to school with, by the name of Roxanne Barton. She wore these blouses called bubble tops. So in search of a source to obtain a few bubble tops, tried to do a ultimate Google search, for the item. Know what? Could not find one single thing even close. I have the image in my mind, since the situation happened, but find an example.

If you need to know, much of the film will be shot in Layton Utah. As I grew up there. Sadly not Hazzard Idaho, as Hazzard Idaho never happened until 1972 when my family moved there then.

Prior to that all my existence was in Layton. Much of my formative years were spent there. And no its not a self or even a film based on just my life as it is about the creation of our club. The building blocks of what is the Rode Knytes Association now, began, in 1967, when at or through this minor event of being in Cub Scouts, Pack 303 Layton Utah 11th Ward LDS. We had to build these goofy, none by it cars and race them. I built this thing out of a Styrofoam block with Tinker Toy axles, wheels, with a Little Kittle driver. Took 4th place. The car made out of a piece of wood, built by another kid, with roller skate wheels won.

Several of us, got together, and said lets start a mini toy hot rod club. Based on Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. The first competition took place in 1968 at that year ScoutOrama at Lagoon Park Farmington Utah. Several packs took our lead and set asside the giant slide at Lagoon. We laid down Hot Wheels track, the day before and raced custom painted Hot Wheels cars. After that we all got bicycles then Tote Goat, and mini motorized bikes, that translated to cars, of the full sized version, and so on.

But back then the club started out as the Street Commanders Club, The Pres, was John Muir, V-P , Correy Hansen, Second VP : Brad Lee, cousin of Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Also a club member.

Even back then, I discovered radio, so I built with some minor instruction from a Chief Engineer, from then KCPX AM 1320, a mini Pirate radio station, out of some reworked consumer electronics. The thing was good for 5 miles from the house on Spurlock Drive there in Layton, but it did do a lot to get the club into the eye, of some young honeys that wouldn’t look at any of us twice before then. Back then I had the hots,(do kids say hots any more?) For this LDS prude girl named Peggy Follett. She was the ultimate girl at least in my eyes. Blonde , blue eyed, slender , with a smile that’d melt a cheese sandwich from across the room. Little did I know there was several from her circle of gal pals and all that were eyeing me. Guess back then, before I got this pot gut, some thought I was a catch. Two gals that made my mind wander, was this one gal, named Janet Riggs, who went to summer PE with me, at the then freshly constructed Layton High School. Yes I saw the original construction. I also designed the original sound system, for the auditorium, as well. The scent of her sweat and all sent my brain into oblivion. Back then even LDS kids had more innocent as it was, but more dating and girl to boy and vice versa freedoms. Janet wore these white Go-Go boots that were very stylish. Also long blonde hair, I nearly changed course then. Of course the summer of 69 came Roxanne Barton. Whose folks owned Barton Savings and Loan in Kaysville. Her mom ran this girls fashion shop in the then Layton Shopping Center, a strip mall that got tore down several years ago. There’s a bunch of history there involving the club, but we’ll dispense on that for this entry.

So Roxanne, wore this purple top, covered with these white bubbles looked like a purple Acorn tree with blossoms. So I asked her mom what they were called, Bubble tops. So I started looking for an example, online, but again, could not find them. This is not the first time I’ve been unable to locate something from the before Web years.

I once looked for postings of the original Independent Truckers Association or ITA, that the later of us in 1974 recreated as the TeenAge Truckers Association(aka-Road Commanders Club) the only ever 4-H truck transportation project of 4-H programs. The film has a green light and will be released in the fall of 2018, nearly 3 decades from the clubs creation. Every one of the club is looking through yearbooks, school records and other items to find props and old still living teachers. Most have passed away, and I wouldn’t feel right by passing this off now. Back in 6th Grade at then Crestview Elementary, School there, there was this mini might of a girl named Cindy Bossche who really was into the old Wolf. She manages Stokes Market now in Clearfield, she’s all married now, but had I been not blinded by Peggy that would have made a big difference.

Throughout the film, you’ll see a lot about me and some of my so called radical ways as well as the club’s. But can any body out there find one of those old bubble top blouses so our fashion creator can make a few for the movie?



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