Saturday, April 4, 2015

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A day of reflection solemn inventory, and thought. With today being the first Day of General Conference of the LDS Church, I listened to the talks. Boyd K Packer seemed like he was with one foot already in the casket and while difficult to understand he and others reflected on the need to strengthen families. Family is great for families, or people with one. But how about more on the needs of the singles out here especially those in the September of their years that are alone. How about how to strengthen of the individual, and how about giving some attention, not just lip service, but real acts of and about how to find, meet and sustain a relationship, to us all alone? Establishing more singles wards in the Church, and more advanced adult social activities? These would go a long way to helping those of us to keep centered on the gospel and not veering off to activities that tend to the needs and desires of those alone.

President Monson of the Church looked a bit feeble as well. Seems as all the stress being a seer and revelator of the Church and our Heavenly Father ages one severely.

For many the messages were clear, and faith was foremost articulated. Faith has many definitions. Most define faith, in belief of that which is not seen. Yet for me, the belief is that from which I have seen and know, not just assumed.

Without going into detail, the event took place in 1975, just after the first Hazzard Nationals. That September due to a feeling of my parents being conned took me to Lewiston Idaho, for an advanced school. Upon arrival I had learned that some of the schools, counselors were dealing and selling illegal narcotics. As a Knyte, I advised the local Sheriffs office who served warrants and citations. Some went to the cross bar motel some didn’t. The ones that didn’t decided along with a few of the narcotic buying students decided to give ye ole Wolf a beating party. I escaped to my cousins home and without her knowledge barrowed her Buick.

I acquired fuel via theft, and was being pursued, through Horseshoe Bend Idaho, and one second I saw blue and red lights, the next I after 2-1/2 weeks awoke to a resumed life.

During the duration of my coma, I was greeted, by Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Ghost. I was told it was not my time yet, while not reveling what, told me there was more work for me to do here.

On the outside from the story Mom & Dad told, me that there was a rush by LDS Church Missionaries and the Hazzard Ward Bishopric, their blessing I know is why Heavenly Father decided it was not my time to depart from this life. Faith for me is not just a mere belief in that which can’t be seen, but in knowing that of what I have seen and have been exposed to.

Throughout my life through both situations of life and death during times in air combat and service, to just being alive, Heavenly Father has interceded on many occasions. Heavenly Father is there at my side within arms length, at all times , not just a thought of an entity that hovers from beyond the veil.

At noon, went to secure the facility, for KDXC, but no funds, no key. So need to haul all the gear here to the Wentworth, then June to the office.

Still trying to get some help from our Ward to move the equipment from Woods Cross, to here at the Wentworth. The obvious question is why didn’t you need help before? Truck ran better, Subaru didn’t have a blown head gasket, shorter distances to transport the equipment and a bit longer time frame.

But got word from I4, Monday is the day or say good bye to most if not all the gear. So two options. With help from the Ward to transport it all here to Evanston, or rent a medium sized storage unit there in Woods Cross, move the gear out of I4, and retrieve it later in May. The latter option means longer to get HazzardAyre back on the air. Plus had an idea of going over to Twin Falls to fetch LexiBelle>37299_123730071003099_6489055_n so I can get to making some self sustaining money so as not to have to be nursing off the churches rear teat, and more so to start paying tithing and fast offerings.

More L8R need to watch this session of Conference.


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