Sunday, April 5, 2015

Support of the Knytes of Anarchy is not just about donating money

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I have heard and seen many things this day. Some coming from LDS conference, as well as reading all too many comments online about the cause of uniting and uplifting of the Dixie Nation. Not just remembering the history of our southern ancestry and lives, but to purify and edify, as well as healing a nation from one coast to the other, within the boundaries of what was a United States, that have become so less UNITED, but so defragged that no computer program could compress.

I read from a patriot of Dixie, that we should only buy products and such from those of like mine. To faithfully fly our flag of Dixie, and so on. But I’m afraid that as it is of all too many that if the Knytes asked those same Dixie patriots to dig into their wallet to contribute to the cause of the Dixie Nation, that the same noise I hear from all too many saying they are of the cause, saying , I’m broke I can’t.

It’s like going to Church every week, asking for gifts and aid from a church , but never putting even a few dollars into the offering plate, or paying tithing. Or making a Fast offering. The amount though should not be determined by a person of the earth, but that from what a person can do from their hearts. But its not just about money.

Donations can come from doing favors, or helping a fellow member of the Knytes and/or Dixie Nation complete a task. It might be as simple as giving a ride to a fellow member in retrieving equipment or in a relocation project. It might be in making food for a club dinner or event.

Since the year of 1982 when the Knytes were unified, and organized, I have been proud to wear the colors, and vest of the club everywhere I go. I have been proud to perform duties, sometimes at the worst of times for me financially, but still proud I did what I could.

The things I have seen done by our organization in all parts of this nation, and overseas is way beyond anything I or the 15 of us that met in 1981 to bring about this great organization at the Snake River Inn in Hagerman aka Hazzard Idaho. Back then it was a group of rural gearheads to support the original off TV real Hazzard County Garage, more over the first official Dukes of Hazzard fan club. Together we came together under the direction of the United American Independent Truckers Association, as just a enthusiasts group. Over the years the Knytes have become the guiding and founding force of what a truly dedicated and loyal custom club should be. But we have grown far beyond that. At the time of the reorganization of the club from The Hazzard Knytes to the Knytes-of-Anarchy in Boise Idaho, in 2008 the Knytes organized the first ever Confederate National Party a political party that could elect and run on the CNP as a candidate. The projects and things that we as a club have done since we organized goes way beyond, what we organized under and way beyond what I could list in a simple blog posting.

The friendships that I have of all brethren of the club, and sisters of the club are so precious that as they would me, lay down their lives for each other.

The organization with its 50,000 members and extended resources, exceed that of most organizations of its kind. The fact that we have stuck together since 1982 through so many things that would have crushed other organizations, has been so uplifting to me that it makes tears in my eyes.

I’m proud on two occasions even here recently that when I needed help, I got it. Yes its true that I had to reach out to the local church’s coffers for some support, but when LexiBelle needed healing , a club member came to the rescue only charging parts. And at half price at that. When WolfPup got frozen out last January, it was a club member that stepped forward. The list goes on , but I can remember many other times when the club stepped forward when all too many decided that they wouldn’t or couldn’t help.

Just about every style of motorized ride there is , is involved in the Knytes, under different titles, but all are Knytes.

Old iron farm equipment fans and enthusiasts especially those who love the color green, are members of the Deere Dazzlerz Association. Organized in 1994 the group restores and enjoys old John Deere farm equipment, and still maintains a shop near Hazzard Idaho, called the Farm Shop. It might be of interest to note that Jerry Sloan former head coach of the Utah Jazz was an organizing member of the Deere Dazzlerz.

In 1999 with the two wheeled movement heating up, Member Lester Culbertson Junior organized a group called the same as the shop is owns and operated, Hazzard County Choppers. In 2001 with a bunch of us who flew with the VMA214 BlackSheep, organized what is now known world wide as the AyreWolvez. Finally in 2006 the aged old idea of where the club was born under, the organization formed the Rode Knytes, Association, a group of over the road truckers and towing operators who are dedicated to preservation of old skool trucking and the old skool ways of trucking’s yesteryear, as well as restoring of the old trucks, and truck stops of then for those today.

All these efforts takes BIG money, and while the organization does receive good support and sponsorships, still maintaining of these facilities and subsidiary organizations can make our finances run as slow as my Internet connection here in Evanston Wyoming.

So when I put up something on say FB, or some other that we need donations, if your a person that truly believes in the cause of restoring and edifying the Dixie Nation, don’t just say, nah a I can’t afford it. Take that little bit of money you’d spend on a roll of SKOAL, or a night out with the family, or trashing out a bar, and send it to us. Help us to be the hand of our Heavenly Father, through the path of the restoration of the Dixie Nation, and his hands and tools are us as the Knytes-of-Anarchy.