Monday, April 20, 2015

When Hazzard County Pride overrides Yankee Common Sense


There are times when Hazzard County Pride and tenacity must override Yankee or just plain common sense.

For example the plight I’m in right now trying to decide if in fact it’d be better and more cost effective to just cut the losses and get the Wolf-Pack outta Evanston, or remain long enough to see to conclusion of bringing the radio station and eventually TV station to fruition. Common sense says scram, Hazzard Pride, says stay, don’t run, and show the doubting Thomas’ and detractors that we infact held tight, and despite odds got-r-done. Looking over it all, and all I have been through it’d be a shame if I just flew outta here. I have frozen, been froze , truck dang near blew up, went hungry, and near suicide level, because I4 in Utah could not wait a few days after December 1st for me to find living quarters elsewhere. Of course I never thought a bunch of things through, and getting some relief from being smelly and not with a shower for a month, no bed just a cot, got me thinking its time for a change from the environment that I was in there in Woods Cross. I4 of course never did right with us completely. Oh yes they were nice to hold onto the gear, worked out a two month payment plan to get the gear back and all, but here’s the trigger on that. They said I had abandoned the gear and office space there. Which was right on their behalf. Had they just allowed me to pay the back rent, and expenses and stayed all would have been right with us towards them. Of course the thing on I4 designing the website. They bid it out at $3k, when Infogenix out of Orem bid it at $1,500.00 expensive yes, but reachable. That immediately called into question I4, from the club. There are many factors involved there, but while its good now to say it’s good to be rid of I4, still , as far as I’m concerned I’d have liked a bit more time to find a elsewhere set of quarters for HazzardAyre Radio, more over, more time to find a place to bed down, but in all cases it was a thing of greed of green. There has been all too much disappointment over the last 5 months, that to shoot in the head HazzardAyre now, would be stupid, too much effort has gone to just quit now. While there are other places that could harness and house the operation, I’d much rather just keep plugging along, besides with my rides, and my Bishop’s refusal to help with May’s Rent so I could pay to get my truck repaired, I can’t just up and leave now if I wanted too. There’s something and for damn sure I can’t figure it out, why Heavenly Father demands that I remain here. So I’m here and in the intrum I’m going to raise the spirit of Dixie here in Wyoming, if it kills me, especially HazzardAyre Radio.

One more month of helping with my rent here at the Wentworth would not have killed the Church’ cash stash. The idea of those funds is to help people to get on their feet, so they can earn their own. Without transportation, I can’t or couldn’t even go look for an outside job so I can pay for my car/truck to be repaired. If my Bishop did pray on it, which he did I am figuring, still the answer he got was, not the one Heavenly Father sent. But whatever I truck along.

So the idea of a June or July departure is not realistic, more like August or September 2015 is. Maybe its me through the Wolf-Pack and/or the Knytes to help save this miserable town and its lost sheep of people. Maybe I can get some sort of thing going to have a Hazzard County days here. Stranger things have happened.


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