Monday, April 27, 2015

A great day but got my pants soiled a bit.

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hbYep today was my birthday, groovy, Nate took me to eat, the Bar B Que stack was really good. The Buffalo chips even better, all was okay then Kara walked in. Guess poverty or near so, and waiting for the Reaper to open took too long so, she against her principles went back to work there. I myself wouldn’t have done that since she told me of employer abuse and all, I even if I was having to get an EBT card would never go back to such a place, you get stung once don’t go back there. But some people will do the unthinkable for money. Guess she wasn’t the Dixie rebel type after all.

Quite a few after they thought about it, said Happy Birthday, but did it take a reminder? Birthday’s are the same, every year for most, some are totally ignored. For this wynged two wheeler, I miss home. At least there, even if it was one that had to be paid for, Charlie and/or Ricky would have arranged some female company for me this evening. So I get to stay home alone, but that condition is going to be solved this next month.

End of June this wynged two wheeled cowboy is going home to Idaho, and forget Evanston exists.

Saw this thing in my Email from Digital Trends of and about the best streaming service. Seems as both on demand media is sweeping the nation. Not only good for HazzardAyre, but also for many online radio and TV stations. Bad though for cable TV services. Pretty soon, cable companies will just be a way to hook up to the Internet. OTA TV is near its end of life, cycle.

My vote of the best streaming service? HULU, and HULU Plus. One is free, the other only $8.00 per month. The reason I like Hulu is they were the first at the batting plate, long before Netflix decided to stream rather than rent. Second, for the casual viewer Hulu still offers much of its content for free. I love FREE. Things or shows even if not popular in the states here, are available on Hulu, such as Fresh Meat.

Well enough for now, going to watch the news, take a long bath, and relax. Just wish somebody would have bought me cocktail, and maybe paid for a wife for the night.



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