Thursday, April 23, 2015

Many changes coming to the club and my company


There are many changes coming to the Knytes as well as to what was AyreWolf Aviation. Before I get to those and wuzz up here, on Monday I hit the 56 yard stick of the highway of life. I have lived a grand and tremendous life. Back years ago when America was not so much into being politically correct, I bought by first tow truck that I still have and run on a daily basis. Ya’ll know her as LexiBelle. Her name simply is an amalgamation of Lexi, who was the first lady to go beyond a French kiss in the seat in Blackfoot , and Belle comes from Pappy Boyington’ aircraft LuciBelle. However over the years a company name like Highway Hooker Toewing does not work well, on many levels, community standards the connotations that come along and the misunderstandings, of such a name. So a rework there was needed. Over the years, we have probably swapped out company handles quicker than many men change shorts, but last night into early this morning we arrived at a name that can easily go company wide. It is SteeleEagle Toewing. Replacing Dixie, SpeedWrench and Highway Hooker Toewing. All 45 trucks in all 8 of our Mountain West locations will now run as SteeleEagle Toewing, the E in the name is on purpose. Okay then. As for AyreWolf. I will retain the on radio etc handle of AyreWolf, however the company has been sold to my Cousin Gordon in Alaska, and the new lower 50 states name for our farm, SAR and all aviation company will be, HazzardAyre Aviation. That’s the changes. AyreWolf Aviation brought to my cash stash and the club’s a solid price of $7.2 Million. It’s not much but it’ll get things going, pending some FAA approvals and all the sale will be complete by late 2016, early 2017. So its not in my bank account just yet, but its on its way or at least the deposit and earnest money, of $600k which I’ll have by the end of this year. Much of that will be invested in both the club, and my company here in Evanston Wyoming. That is, if nobody makes me mad any more. But I have a blessing bestowed so I’m thankful.

As far as the club. The Knytes-of-Anarchy will be reverting to its original name of the Rode Knytes Association. Everything else there will remain the same. Including my dedication and the clubs of the restoration and education to our Dixie Nation as well as the dedication to the preservation of our Southern liberty and history.

Okay then moving on.

Got a response from CenturyLink today on the cost of getting more horsepower for HazzardAyre Radio, and TV. It’s a bit up there near $1,100.00 a month, so I’m still looking at AllWest as our carrier, since they say, they can get me some serious juice , but that’ll be dependent on how much juice they can get me. A Priesthood brethren, member asked me why I needed so mach bandwidth. Have you ever tried to upload radio continuously at 4mbps? Even 10 to 20 is going to be a challenge. Its not so much download that I’m worried about its getting a pipe big enough to carry the show to Livestream, to be rebroadcast, as well as getting the signal, from the 5th floor of the Wells Fargo building as well as the Eagles Nest here as it will be called, to our transmitter site, northeast from the Evanston township. So its going to take a bit longer than expected to get us where we need to be Internet wise to bring you what we did at the quality level we did from Woods Cross as well as even Ogden.

Still looking to do the Reaper Club here in Evanston, but that $4k a month price tag is a bit much considering the size and amount just to bring it current as far as facility wise. Between a total remodel, from electrical to plumbing, new grill, and furnishing it, plus paint, signage nearly $400k will have to be spent just to get the project going even before we make a dollar. That’s too much so as a club , we are looking to looking at other available properties and all before I sink or suggest the club sink money into the Reaper(old Lotty’s) here. Plus from the few applicants and all, I have yet to find any of the stature that we are looking for.

Finally and I hate when my Bishop among many, says the pics we use for our graphics and all are a bit too spicy. The thing, is and I can’t state it any stronger, If I could only find, train and photograph lady’ of all age, from 21 to 60 that would do the job, all in modestly dress and threads I’d do it in a heartbeat. But how many talent searches, how many times have I busted my six trying to find talent when few will do what we need done and especially, the infamous toe smooch>alasweet toews so we can emphasize that come rain, snow, day or nite, cold or sunny, if you need a tow of any rig any size call us at:STEELEEAGLE2 because we just love Toews. Get it?

As for the new apartment, that’s not a dead issue, but it depends on several things. First being able to meet with my Bishop to secure funds, namely the first months rent and deposit, since I don’t have it until the 1st or this Thursday. Second it’ll depend on if it’s still available by then. At that low cost per month, here in Evanston that wont be available long. Even if its not, I am comfortable here at the Wentworth and would just have to hold on the office and run operations from here at the Wentworth aka the Eagles Nest. If I had a full production on air staff and all I would be more motivated into moving to the office, but, I don’t and from where the radio op, is at right now, me doing 80% of it, its just easier to do it from where I hang my hat. Plus here at the Eagles Nest, except for three cats the meow kind, that live under me and make me sneeze like I am in a smoke filled tavern, its quiet, I can do my work and many days don’t have to even get dressed, thank goodness I do that here and its radio, not TV.



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--Julie Andrews
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