Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If I only had a router

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tHe Wolf is back on the air. Yeseree did a short test hop of the gear for HazzardAyre Radio, and symmetry and its working. Some loss of data, being offline and all and some bugs to work out but we’re getting there.

As reported yesterday, while I found some of what was lost at I4, still there’s much that did not make the trip. So got a JAG on the case so we’ll take it from there. Might turn out I4 should have left well enough alone, and just let me ride out my lease, since now I can pay for it , but taking it one step at a time.

Talked to CenturyLink today, got a gal there that’s going to figure out a data transfer and Internet connection to accommodate HazzardAyre. They say, I might have the ability to go full tilt at 1G speed here. If CenturyLink can give me even a dedicated 100mbps down and half of that up I’ll be tickled, but that being so, why is it I’m paying dang near $160.00 a month but not getting the horsepower that I need. Going to test the operation Friday and see if I can get it all running again, or I might still need a router, which is $50.00 at Wal-Mart, there isn’t any computer stores here or electronic stores here. And I thought Twin Falls was bad. Sheesh. Grrrr.

Got a 09:00 call to take General JaXson to the doctor in the morning, so gotta cut it short here.

In my next entry, so ya’ll want to be on radio? It’s not a we pay you , its a you pay us, for the privilege then we’ll pay you once the ratings numbers are there.

Some people watch way too much TV.


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