Thursday, April 2, 2015

As promised the follow up


As I promised the follow up on last nights report.

Wednesday at 03:45 hours SSI deposited money in my account, but due to circumstances beyond my control debit card needs to be replaced and new one issued. So had to wait until 10:00 hours to snag cash. So did so, and between buying insurance on WolfPup, and paying an outrageous cable bill I came away, with just over $150.00 for the month. With Jodies Diner no longer a spot to eat, I tried to snag lunch at the local JB’s here, but the place looks like its about to go under, food was bad, service worse. Damn no wonder the local population needs us to open the Reaper.

After lunch went to a local pawn shop to try to get a newer TV , but the one they had that might serve the need was $250.00 , $100.00 over anything in my budget. So need to wait to go fetch what I have in Utah at I4. Which is going to be difficult, since General JaXson is down with a head gasket overheating problem, WolfPup needs new or better rubber and a spare to make the trip, plus it’ll take at least 2 trips down and back to get it all. Plus need to get a better more horsepower place to base HazzardAyre from here in Evanston. Not that the place on the 5th floor isn’t good, but right now and until the radio gig is generating money again, that extra rent money even as reasonable as it is, is just beyond my grasp.

Only option is to transport the gear here to the Wentworth. Not a all together bad option, but my main focus right now is getting things where I’m making my own, not nursing off the hind teat of the Church.

Met with the Bishop and after calming down some assumed fears, all was good with the world. Now a situation that has crept up like the bile in my throat from a stressed stomach. The situation started on Feb 14th or at least the Sunday prior to. This young gal, comes up and offers me and all a Tootsie Pop. With a Valentines Day heart. I thought this gal would be great on an ad for HazzardAyre. No he and she or messing around. So in an effort poorly done , I was trying to ascertain her name age and if it would even be proper to even ask such a thing? So thought I had found her name but it was someone else, married. Not something to pursue. Then found out her name but never knew her age until we had some dinner auction thing once I knew her age interest purely on a professional basis was gone, just thought, nice kid, left it at that. However I commented on her attire at the same dinner/auction. The comment albeit, improper and I apologize to all and any involved there, nothing sinister was implied nor intended, but I thought her attire that night was a bit racy, for a church function. That was it. Every church text book and all I read says both genders are to dress modestly, and a bit more proper especially in the house of our Heavenly Father. I was always taught that upon entering the Church, if you wore a hat , you took it off. You walked with arms folded and kept private or near private parts covered. It seems that some of those standards have became a bit more lax. If your question is why do I look like a cowpuncher off the trail, when I go to church? Answer is, since Cousin Bud killed for all intents and purposes the Montgomery Trust, I just have not had the funds to go buy a good new suit, slacks, dress boots shirt tie. The one suit I have I can’t wear as its way too small, same goes for my dress slacks. So rather than not go to Church, I go in what I have. However the condition that seems like this old big bad wolf is prowling and hunting for Little Red Riding Hood, or to feast on some young girl, is ludicrous. Sure I look for female talent for casting in visual projects for HazzardAyre as well as club events, but this thing that makes me seem like a predator or worse is starting to get to me. Sure I’d love to have the financial as well as the human resources, of a pro talent agency. Problem is the club can’t afford that, and two from some minor attempts at that has produced little if any results. So I look in the community. And yes even at Church. As it is I must come across as the evil Lucifer rather than the Heavenly canine that I am. The thing is I would never in a quadzillion years ever partake of violating the virtue of any woman, or girl, and especially a young one. I was raised on a small farm in western Idaho during my formative years, by two very loving very strict and LDS/Protestant parents. I was taught all women were to be treated with respect and conduct. Improper sexual related advances was a big no in our home. Which makes me long for areas that I’m well known and by people who don’t cower or fear me and just accept the fact that I’m completely docile. That anything impure or improper would never ever enter my mind. This is why I shy away from both vocationally anything that involves human interaction. Especially with women. Sure I’d like to find someone for companionship, but since that is something Heavenly Father says I’m not ready for or could sustain at this mile marker on my road of life, I flat stay away from anything that could even possibly be construed as being or acting improper. The question though and it needs to be asked, is everyone this dang paranoid? Does any kind of gender interaction between an older male like myself and any girl of any age have to be that , as thought, that someone is sleeping with or trying to sleep with someone? It makes no sense. I’m just an old high octane canine rebel Marine, with very humble and clean thoughts and aspirations.

More on this subject this weekend.

My insides are trying to find its way to my outside. So I’ll close.

President Obama will be at HAFB in the PM Thursday through Saturday, conference is this weekend.

As such, much of Metro Utah’s airspace is a no fly zone.

Now if I can just get a good TV for conference.


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