Thursday, April 9, 2015

One big mistake

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Got a call this afternoon, saying that the best CenturyLink can do is 20 down 2 up internet speed. That wont even light the candle of HazzardAyre. At this point and considering many other situations, I need to start looking at heading back into either Utah or at least a metro section of Idaho, to make HazzardAyre Radio a reality. Which is why I haven’t exactly been in a big rush to go fetch LexiBelle.

Might be why, nobody else has done the radio thing in Evanston Wyoming either. If its not the bandwidth to properly stream its location to run the operation from, if its not that its hitting a repeater site to broadcast from. Plus there’s the revenue. Where are the advertisers going to come from. There isn’t a big amount of local business’ that will spend any if any money to do radio. So I’m through. It’s going to take some doing, but come the first, pay for the office here in Evanston to put the station in, then me move to Utah, find a residence and then relocate everything once again to Utah.

It’s a shame, but the club has no ability to rewire the entire town just for us. More over the lack of support services from tech to infrastructure. So bottom line and I hate to say it, but every good Marine knows when its best to just retreat.

I have already spent $10,000.00 of my own money, $2,000.00 of Church money, plus lost ad sales of just over $300,000.00 . I can’t afford nor the club can’t no longer afford Evanston Wyoming, so looks like the town looses one more small business. The only things new and its a slim run, but the only small business’s that will survive here are ones that do traditional, or ones that are of a none technical type, such as trucking, towing etc, not radio, nor aviation. Its just dyeing and quite frankly , Evanston is starting to smell.

I have the length of time to fix my two rides, but once done its get my fanny where both HazzardAyre Radio/TV can operate to a degree of some horsepower, and of course HCC/DixieA1 Towing.

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