Sunday, April 19, 2015

Final view from my cockpit

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I from further research have came to the conclusion that its not just me that has noticed that women not really caring much about morality are wearing these Yoga pants. Now there’s several things involved here, but the two most important is, wearing yoga pants tells males its game time. The other and this is real important, a woman wearing yoga pants ought to at least have the body and legs to carry out the fashion choice or she’s going to look like an oversized piece of sausage. The look is not going to be good, and reputations will be forthcoming.

Yoga pants for the uninformed here are Spandex pants with albeit not much, but some extra fabric. It’s not bad to wear as leggings or nylons would be say with a dress or skirt, but I see women wearing just these yoga pants and this is supposed to be okay. Now what if the gender roles were reversed? Lets say some guy walks in the local Smiths Food And Drug store, in just yoga pants or his long Johns? You can bet the cops would be called, the guy gave a ticket for obdecent exposure, more than likely hauled to the cross bar motel. But for women they can just walk in wearing these slim legged leggings, and its okay. How can this be okay on one side and not the other? But lets explore this a bit. I saw this touched on, in an old episode of the Big Bang Theory. Penny can walk into the guys apartment any old time she wants to , catching them in all kinds of dress or undress, without knocking and that’s okay. Yet when Leonard walked into Penny’ apartment without being invited in or requesting admission, she shrieks, As Leonard said, guess this is a double standard” . Which is true. Most guys will not say a single thing about some gal just prancing in unannounced. II n a way this stems from the fantasy many men read about in Playboy’s Advisor section about the maid, coming in to clean the room and having coitus with him. We have all wished that and about as often as wishing for that bus full of cheerleaders. Although most men don’t have the long term stamina, to do one or at best two women let alone a bus full. Yet if a guy were to walk into a gals home or dwelling, unannounced it would be screams, statutory rape charges and a whole list of things that are to creepy. There is a definite double standard here.

Of course its not just the yoga pants. I have seen it in so many places that I have forgotten to count. I have seen and been subjected to invites to just have uncontrolled pig sex, you know the kind of sex that you just root around, in. On model auditions, movie castings, remember we produce films as well. Any flyte, thing is on auditions, its okay if she makes a move on me its okay, however if I make the slightest suggestion of any style kind, or attempt of intimacy, I’m called just a dirty old man.

I was recently reminded of these things, on both counts, several weeks ago. One was an intern I was training, who wore threads not exactly modest. This was okay for her to tease me and every other corpuscle there and at the Wolf’s Den, but if I had acted on my impulses it would be me explaining things to a judge. If I get some great if not oh well its SOP, for my life flyte. Another example is what is now deemed Cougars. Older women romancing and seducing younger men. This in societies eyes is okay. Yet if a guy, even hints he’s looking at a younger gal, even just looking, your immediately listed as a perve or worse. Come on now, should not the standards be equal? The sexual playing field is not equal. Nor is the perceived danger zones, between genders. I examined a case file not too long ago, about this situation and it nearly matched the perception, of what I hear anytime there’s a request for a model or similar talent interview here at the Wolf’s Den. It’s always, hey there might be danger, better take the guy pal with me, or at least another human. However there is no reason to believe that a man is anymore safe than she is. Hey guns and knives can be shot , thrown or stabbed by a woman to a man as easily as a man stabbing, shooting etc a woman. Weapons have no care about gender. They kill equally. The other double standard, is if a female teacher and its been in the news a lot lately, but in earlier years, if a kid got a feel or first encounter by a female teacher, not much was said, as in most fathers minds was , hey the kid got lucky, sowed some oats and moved on. Yet if a guy, gets approached by a young teen years girl and a sexual encounter occurs it’s the death penalty for that guy. In many cases it was her that started the affair in the first place. Not always , but its more often than not. It’s why I council the son of our complex manager here at the Wentworth here in Evanston. At all times he has gals, from 15 to 19 coming over. He says he don’t sleep with them or engage in sexual behavior. I believe him , since the youngster is more of leaning to being queer, yet all it would take is one time for one of those gals to get pissed at him for something, and she yells rape, and his dream of going trailer trucking is over.

Yet 9 out of 11 times, its some gal wearing something like tight yoga pants or near panty shorts to tempt a guy and he will not resist very long. Yet it’s always his fault. Bullsbreath.

Hey honey, if your not going to give it away, don’t advertise. Cover the yoga pants with a skirt.

Early morning, church and all see ya’ll at 20:00 Hours.



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Women like silent men. They think they're listening.
--Marcel Archard
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