Monday, April 13, 2015

There’s nothing worse than dealing with big companies

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One can’t state this enough. No matter what it is either religious or corporate, it’s the same thing. Telling those behind that keyboard and screen they messed up. Example, LDS Church says I’m no higher in the Priesthood than a Deacon. Well the church records are wrong. I was ordained a Teacher in the Arronic Priesthood by Bishop Bob Evans. But no record. Of course that might have been lost due to me citing Bishop Evans’ son for DUI years ago when I was part of the two man Hazzard Police. Of course then came the ordination of being an Elder, but somehow that got lost in the move from our old church building to the new one. Of course I never went on a LDS mission as the USMC called. Never completed the transition. But it happened. Okay so then I decided to hammer out on our company’ web site. Thing shows a 404 message. So I call GoDaddy. Seems they goofed, but want me to pay for the goof up. After an hour on the phone, its I have to shell out another $100.00 . No wonder Danica Patrick don’t win no NASCAR races, look at her sponsor. GoDaddy could blow their nose if it were dynamite.

Hillary Clinton is marching for President. No use in me voting she’s our next President. Hopefully Slick Willey her husband will run things.

We always are starting over. I guess the only place in the Mountain West, that one can be industrious is Metro-Utah. Seems as though anywhere else here, your stopped before you get started.

Take the lady from CenturyLink. She was to get back to us today(Monday) on establishing a slightly bigger pipeline to transport HazzardAyre Radio over. Tried to call several times but no response, including her cell phone. Now in my business, I have the courtesy to if I can’t do something, to at least call my potential customer and say I can’t do this or that, but when I do that I have a person researched who can. Maybe that’s why Highway Hooker Toewing has been in business for nearly 40 years. I can always be reached, I can always get a message. If not by phone over email.

I look at things like this; In the membership of 49,999 members 1000 members in all 50 states, I have to keep track with them on a 24/7/365 basis. Not only them but their wives, their children, and any extended family. So the Knytes can make sure we are serving them. Granted, GoDaddy, the Church, and CenturyLink, has more people, to serve, but the way I look at it My duty to the club and its members is prime. I do it mostly myself. Because I know at some point I may have to rely on them for something. Why can’t these big companies and organizations work that way? Be reachable or quit.


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