Monday, April 20, 2015

Might a bit longer but not by much

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It was once said by someone much smarter than I, “ That not all seeds or crops can be grown everywhere” If one is a farmer you understand this.

Some crops can be grown in one location in America, but will not yield or germinate in others. Considering that if one is to grow say Watermelons you can grow them in Idaho, but not in Wyoming. In that light you can grow cotton in Texas, but not in Utah or Idaho. The environment is different, growing seasons are different.

With that in mind, such things as a media company can grow in the east southeast or even California and/or Utah, but not so much in Idaho and certainly not Wyoming. Of course some things can be germinated in all areas as there is the common growing seasons. Such as a towing service can be created and survive in just about all states, or even a Harley shop, but a radio station, modeling agency, film production firm will not take root as easy in more or small rural areas. There just is not the infrastructure, nor the human resources.

Yesterday I sort of got the last piece to the question of whether to relocate or not. As far as the radio/TV station, still thinking, but reality is pretty sure that will get relocated to while still rural, more turtle soil. Likewise the towing service. It’s just not able nor am I able or willing to waste more money in a place that can be gained in return on that investment.

Let’s face it, the decision, to relocate to Wyoming, at least Evanston was a bad one, stemming from a rather strong push and foot in the butt from executives from I4. If I had been gave at least another week I might have been able to gain a better solution, but I came here. Have lost too much money, and lost a lot of respect from the club. So I’m making arrangements to get the radio station, and the tow service moved. I’ll be outta here just after July 1st.

As far as the apartment here at the Wentworth , that’s gone as far soon as June 1st. In the intrum, get the office at the Wells Fargo building here, locate the media werx there, and get a place in Montpelier or immediate area of Idaho.

I was all for not going to go to church yesterday, as the fellowship there has became well a bit too much of a cold and getting colder shoulder. The only reason I went was to meet with the Bishop to arrange with him, not just the escalation of my Priesthood status, but to get help with rent on the Wentworth, here so I could pay for repairs on my truck. But Bishop said, I’d been too many times to the Well, so no go. Since I have to pay for everything myself again, I came to the conclusion I can’t afford to live or do business in Evanston, unless I’m able to find something for much, much less money a month. It’s not just the rent it’s the power, gas or heat bill , cable, Internet all of that. There’s just not enough money coming in, so I gotta look at where expenses don’t exceed income, and I can begin to breathe again. That dictates either Metro Utah, or back in Idaho, so that’s the plan. Maybe I just don’t need that fellowship of the Church so much, and maybe lean towards the club much more.


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--Lyman Beecher
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