Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why all the phony and fake TV commercials?


Okay so you’re sitting there, all your snacks, coffee and soda watching latenight TV. When all of a sudden a TV ad comes on about some diet product like Lipozine or something. Or the Tread Climber. The people all say how this or that changed their lives. The question is always how low does somebody have to ruin their reputation for a few dollars to endorse a TV ad for a near worthless product that just makes you go to the latrine more. Everybody knows that you loose some weight just by going to the latrine and having regular bowel movements. But it’s not just diet products. The same thing comes from such so called reputable companies as DirecTV that in case you haven’t seen lately replaced Rob Lowe with a female model and a white Talking horse. They claim you get this or that for one price for a year maybe 6 months. Really? They jack your rates nearly triple after the trial period, and try to get out of that contract. DirecTV even tells you, taking your service with you is painless. If you move, sure you can take your box and all, that’s free, but you’ll have to cough up nearly $400.00 to have some just above poverty college boy to come out , climb on your roof and reinstall the damn dish. Why not tell the whole truth so YOU can make an intelligent decision. CenturyLink is nearly as bad, they advertise that they can deliver you 1gig internet. What they don’t say, (you have to read this in the very small fine print) Only good in some areas. If you do look at 1gig Service in say rural Wyoming, look at raking out nearly $2,000.00 . Why not just tell you the truth, and who is at the helm of the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Federal Communications Commission? There needs to be full disclosure and truth laws past. If not to protect your wallet, but protect your health. Many of these ads for diet pills will kill if not seriously make you sick, but they don’t say that. What’s more disturbing, is that one can approach a TV network, and or station to advertise a military aviation organization such as ours, and be turned down simply because you want to show a good looking lady in a form fitting flight suit, but will allow fraudulent or near fraudulent TV ads on. If you think its just nation or big dollar firms, think again. There’s a cash advance company out of Utah, called Mountain West Loan Centers. Their ad features two near twin girls, saying they don’t check credit, bad or no credit okay. Don’t believe it. I applied there once and because my income was military pension and SSI, I couldn’t even borrow $600.00 . Okay some bad credit items popped up, but their ad said that was okay. There’s a zillion horror stories about the firm, yet KTVX will air those ads, but turned down ads to plug HazzardAyre Radio. I read not too long ago, that an LPFM was being fined nearly $20,000 for allowing some program support announcements to give a web addy, as well as a phone number. Yet I see PBS programs running very close announcements, that are disguised ads. Yet no one is knocking down PBS or CPB, for this. Kill the small broadcaster, but let University TV stations get away with it. Bullsbreath. There’s all too many examples, my question is, why? There’s a bill coming up in Congress to address this, and I for one say its about time. Although there will be many of these fraud companies out there lobbying against such a bill that would allow them to keep defrauding the American public, but hey, advertising is the grease that keeps broadcasters on the air. Good, honest ads for real products even spiced up with a hot looking pitch girl, is good. Telling people they can loose a bunch of weight if they take a pill that could kill them isn’t. We watch and explain this because America needs to heal, and this junk ain’t no way to do it.

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