Wednesday, December 28, 2016

When the Cell Phone dies and its too snowy to do anything outside

Last night once I got here to my domicile, with a serious snow storm, and snow up to the back of the shop door, when my cell phone's battery gave out, I turned in to my bed, closed my eyes and only awakened long enough to take meds at midnight and to squirt. Once I had that done, it was back to a galaxy far, far, far, away, and I didn't really care about anything. So with the snow outside and only 30 degrees outside, my butt is inside doing my radio production, writing a script for the Hazzard Knytes' movie, and resting. Now many say its your season, you should be towing. Trouble is I can't go out towing, one because of a radiator leak, and two the snow is too deep outside my shop door to even get any of the trucks out, so I'm farming off much of my tow traffic to a competitor who is also a good friend. For the small money I make going towing, its just not worth the stress on the trucks nor me. So I'm nestled inside.
So then expenses, are getting higher, this year rent is going up, but even at that, with this severe cold, natural gas costs are also higher. Especially with the little bit of insulation that was or is in this domicile. to get 75 inside one has to run the thermostat up to near 90. 
If anyone says women aren't territorial don't know the half of it. You can be super happy and doing okay, but if you begin working around a slightly higher quality honey, its snarl city. For that matter is everything, withing humans all directed to or do they have to be about the carnal physical get wild thing? I watched an episode of I think it was Spyn City the other night The challenge was could the character played by Mike J Fox, to focus on something other than a womans breasts. The first place I look at when I first meet a woman is her feet, followed by her toes and how well , or not she takes care of them. This is a good indicator of how well she takes care of the rest of her and how well she keeps herself clean. If they ignore the feet and toes they most likely ignore the rest of their anatomy and that means, don't go there. The next thing I notice if their wearing nylons or stockings of sort. Reason, if they wear nylons and such their most likely more into both being classy not trashy and are more into being sensuious rather than just stroking. Trust me the guy who knows how to treat a woman in hose, gets a lot more points than a guy who just jabs it in rolls over and goes to sleep. Long periods of foreplay , caressing a set of silky smooth legs gets her hotter than a two dollar Smith and Wesson. The next place I venture is with my nose. Strange smells or more than anything attracting means you might take home a worse than happy experience. Too much underarm, etc smells means there's more growing under her jeans than something to please. Next her hair, is it styled? If not she don't care about herself, and that means if your looking for something pleasant , it ain't going to be pleasant. What I do not like is 33 double D, breasts. Who needs that much ? Most guys I know, and me, do not play with anything more than a nipple, which is usually about the same size no matter if its double D's, or mini A's. Flat tummy's are a plus, I knew this one dancer at the 91 Club in Pocatello, Idaho. She was walking around the establishment whilest I was chatting with an exec from KPIF in Pocatello. She was selling body shots. I seriously had to feel her tummy, and ask do you even have a tummy? It was so flat and trim, that it was not even visable. A couple of gals there made an impression. Too bad they worked there and not some place proper like a talent agency. Speaking of which. When I cast for talent, I'm looking for brains and intelligence, not just a plump body, being squeezed inside a pair of yoga pants, or leather jeans. First the leather sours the private parts to where nobody would ever want to visit there, and second I want natural beauty, not manufactured. However all too many series and movies have women dressed in things especially their drawers that are so tight that you can't help but notice every crease and wrinkle. Even the illustrious Disney Channel does that. Here they have 13 to 25 year olds dressed in things that are singing do the wild thing, that it detracts from the script or at least the message. The old show on Disney called Jessie, starring Debby Ryan, who I am a great fan of, and has done two or three episodes of Law & Order, and got a serious ticket for DUI, in California, but she does get the job done, but she dressed per wardrobe department of Disney , so trashy and more adult oriented I wondered what has Disney became. I can assure you old Walter would roll over in his grave. While most of us are telling our kids wait until marriage, we have the Disney Channel telling our kids through their shows, Hey feel the need, just go ahead and breed. 
Well it's my lunch time, I'll have the second part of this , later today.