Saturday, December 31, 2016

Some days you get the bear some days it gets you, Today is one of those days

Cooter said it best; Some days you can't get it in second gear, even if you double clutch it, I say, " Some days you get the bear, some days it gets you". Today the bear is getting me. 
Last evening at 4:00PM here Brother Deen calls to remind me about church janitorial duties at 17:30, but at 17:00 tow call that took until mid 21:00 Hours. No early departure to head to Provo Utah for the Knytes honoring Coach Edwards. So came home. Here came and hauled me to the private Reaper Club, to reel in the New Year. Which resulted in a early morning of me holding my head saying, " I'll never do that again" So been holding my brain and killing the pain with Goody's Powders and bottles of DewShine
 but did get in a Chitland calzone and tater salad. 
Then started trying to look up the jingle of the new Infinity Q60 TV ad with little results. Hey it took 3 years to get in touch with the GMC jingle which is Eminence Front by the Who. Then tried to check in with SheWolf without any response. Two reasons, A; she's upset at me for something, who knows, she's always pee-oweed at me. If you think things are not stable here at the Wolf's Lair, you'd be right. If things were different, and things in Waco was a bit more MC friendly a different conversation might be taking place. At least I'd be warm more than freezing at only 20 degrees outside. Then went out to fire one of the trucks I needed for a specialty recovery, and found that in the cold weather, couldn't move it with tires froze to the ground, blew the tire, so went on the call with another truck, but damn wish I would have thought that further. So been watching the Velocity Channel, most of the day, can't Velocity show episodes that are current, rather than all the reruns? Watch on there though next year this time, I'm working on something with our sweet sister Sarah, on a thing we'll be calling Southern Steele. Any mile, my brain needs to be in a bucket, so I'm off to taking a nap, see ya'll on the radio.