Thursday, December 29, 2016

What we have here is a failure to communicate

What we have here is a failure to communicate. The powers that are, and even the ones that will soon, germinate like a bad weed after the Don is sworn in, wont address some issues that few talked about or were covered over during the election by both the candidates as well as main press media. During the election, there was little to no talk about issues relating to rural America, including farm policy. You did not hear much in the way of highway bills, transportation infrastructure including trucking and regulations. Nobody cares about where their food is raised and or processed , or how it gets to that Shelf at Walmart. Nope you did not hear that. You also did not hear about the spectrum auction for TV called the incentive auction, asking TV station owners to sell out or some of their side channels from the digital conversion. Whose buying that? The Feds are doing a spectrum land grab, so that your cell phone works better and in more places. Okay now you may say well I can watch it on line. Really? In October President Obama turned over the majority of control to the United Nations. Meaning committees in foreign nations can now control what you see and have access to online. They will regulate content, and website ownership. The full impact of this will not be felt for at least a year, but hold onto to diapers , cause it'll happen. Then we heard how upset Obama was about the hacking of the DNC election files. Thing is, Obama handed over the domestic authority to the UN so who can regulate? 
I saw on one of the FB pages I subscribe to about about the teaching of the history and all of the war of Northern aggression. By Yankees. However there are only two online as well as only one over the air source of information teaching the history of both sides of the Dixie line. The first is Dixie Broadcasting, at there are speeches and lessons there that few partake of and few contribute real money to, thus Dixie Broadcasting is barely on life support. The other is us, here at HazzardAyre Radio/TV. Launched in 2011 with a slightly more aggressive stance and style HazzardAyre Radio is on, both Livestream at and on . Likewise throughout the Mountain West, on Knytes owned radio stations and nation wide in syndication. More over we have renewed our contract with the Armed Forces Radio Television Service as well as will launch in April a channel on XM/Sirius Satellite. When I read the posts by so many except that of two, of people who are barking at changing the minds of Yankees towards our southern brethren, likewise educating even Yankees of the history of Southern culture and changing the mind thoughts of those who who think that just because you speak with a southern accent that your not dealing with a full deck, in fact say ya'll , or you'ns which is ya'll plus 5, to most northeners and the automaticly deduct at least 3 IQ points. Yet ask for a donation request from any body and its awe can't do that, yet even with people on Social Security who got what a $3.00 boost? Still have at least $50.00 to $100.00 left over each month and many will spend that on a weekend out at the bar . $100.00 may not seem like much, but if 20 or 30 so called Confederate supporters sent in a $100.00 a piece, that'd be half of our operational expenses. The bottom line its like paying tithing at church. Are you willing to sacrifice a creature comfort or a bit of a mental unplug, to help correct some of the injustices that have been made against not only our southern brethren, but our nation as well. It's like our military Veterans, how many causes of supporting those who served as well as still do. For that matter how about rolling out a contribution, to the Knytes, an organization that is here for the resurrection of southern culture as well as appreciation of our Armed Forces, no matter the branch of service. The Knytes of Dixie, does not care if you were born in the south or have ancestors , although many do, from or in the south, like other Southern related organizations do, if you believe in our southern heritage and are brave enough to be educated about the truth, we welcome you. But even with us that does not come free. Some people that are directly connected to the Knytes, even as my fiance , rakes out $500.00 a month from a mere $735.00 SSI income. She believes. Our Southern Sister from Texas makes pillows and such that the club can resell and market, making her as well as the Knytes some extra pocket change. My question is what are the rest of you going to do. Look we had a dictator in the White House for 8 years, now we have a Wall Street hoodlum business man in that place and little will change no matter what others and Tomi Lauren tells you. The only cure to the power hungry politicians is our simple southern logic. And yes even what I call Hazzard County tenacity and enginuity (mis-spelled on purpose) The only way that happens is keeping our voice to be heard and seen through HazzardAyre and Dixie Diesel Radio/TV. That takes dollars, and we are looking for donations. More over we are looking for those that are truly dedicated to the Southern Cause.