Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just a place to take a piss

Last night, I had the honor of entertaining our Club's President, here in Evanston. That was a grand honor to be sure until we went to the Legal Tender Lounge to grab something to eat. 
Now in life there are things you just don't do. You don't tug at Superman's cape, you don't take the mask off the Lone Ranger, you don't pit in the wind, and you damn well don't tell the founding Charter's President he can't have a steak. I don't care if its closing time in the resturant, I don't care if the Chef is about to go off shift, when the Knytes President wants a steak, you make a accomodating special effort and make the man a steak. Although there's a new shortcake there at the Legal that Big Rick likes and that sort of cooled down his fury. Otherwise that might have turned a bit ugly. 
Rick went on as he observed the lack of any sort of crowd on a Friday night here, saying, there's more excitement on the main street of Wendell Idaho than there was here. So we ventured out to the new bar of ours. Not only was the place closed, but dark and creepy. Bottom line I had to talk like a Dutch Uncle just to get Rick the want to proceed on the deal, and even then, when it goes to the meeting table Sunday night, they might vote to suspend if not withdraw the offer on the place. Rick said he'd hate the club should buy the place, then in a month or two have to resell or unload the place. I certainly got put in my place. I was often reminded by Rick, that I'm only the VP, not the Prezz, and as such some decisions especially when it comes to big purchases and buy's like the $300,000.00 that the Boars Nest is going to cost, plus the total remodel, considering that a similar place in Bliss can be had for $350k, that's turnkey with a grander patron numbers. I hate to think this, but I might have to tell our lady Pam, come Tuesday, that the club revoted and has to now decline on the purchase. Rick also suggested that I may want to look into relocating in a few months back to Hazzard or immediate area of Idaho. Considering we can sell our radio station license here, use the money to file for a Class A allocation in Buhl, Idaho and fire up all things HazzardAyre Radio right there. 
I think if I had been able to find some local female eye candy here, to at least entertain Rick, and a few other things the deal for the Boars Nest deal might not be on such thin ice, as it is, I'm near sure, Ricks Recon mission report from here isn't going to be good enough to save the buy. We see.
So how was your day?