Sunday, May 29, 2016

Before you condemn or bad mouth me or the Club(s), better get your facts straight or just shut up.

Don't get me wrong there's certain, times living in small rural towns and such that is all so charming. Then there are all times, hearing about certain people that you trusted or once trusted bad mouthing you or spreading rumors or talking rumors and falsehoods. 
As you might know the Knytes acting on my suggestions was in the throws of buying outright a small hole in the road pub, just outside of Evanston here. Thing is we got tangled up in with a gal who I thought was a friend of mine, the Club(s) as well as an associate. Find out tonite that all she's been doing is telling people here that in short I and the club are full of manure and short changing what could be. 
So that's where, Mo, Jullietee  , and a few more went including Andrea. Fine, like the sign says,
The club does not play well with people or firms that bad mouth members or the club. This is not the first time this has taken place.
I can remember a little fartknocker bikini bar bouncer who did this mostly on line because he was shitless afraid of me and the club had he said anything he wrote online directly to us. One reason, I moved from Pocatello to Glenn's Ferry Idaho when I did. All the time I was on TV, and all the phone calls, to the program and all, It was this ain't so, and so on. He kept saying there was no tow truck and so on. Why because LexiBelle was in Rupert. That year it was bitter cold the snow was constant, and I just never had time to venture over to Rupert, to go mess with my old girl. Even when I shot video the few times I did get over there this little jerk that looked like an elf, from some stupid Disney movie, kept saying that ain't your truck. Bet me ass hole. Finally after I had been residing in Glenn's Ferry some asshole that we were having a turff war with came down, and eventually had to retract his writing. More over the few times he was going to throw down with me in Mountain Home, I was there, but he wasn't. 
I'm getting off topic, well sort of. Don't believe what I say, get off your ass, away from that damn keyboard and go fucking look. 
As a result, Tuesday morning, I'm walking into Uinta Realty, tell the guy who owns the place what has happened, and I'll be damned if I'll ever buy a blade of grass or a stick of a weed from that lady or that Realty agency. Neither will any member of the Club(s) and there ARE many who do wear shirts and tie's and have wads of cash. As far as the other place, that is a go, the lady and her husband are fine people and dear friends, but Uinta Realty ain't going to be part of that deal, no how, no way.
My Mom, said it best, its one thing to let people think your an idiot, its another to open your mouth and remove all doubt. One here did, problem is after what I have heard around town, the door is going to come down very hard through the defamation of character and slander on certain others so hard, they will be finding a U-Haul. 
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