Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Aren't You glad you don't have these college grads working for you & Stupid is as Stupid does and you can't fix stupid

I am worried, the money spent to educate youth and the policy makers and industry shakers is being put rather to parties and narcotics than it is to education. Doesn't people proofread any more, or verify phone numbers and such? Case-n-Point, got the latest edition of the Legacy phone book that's still published out of Orem Utah, that might indicate the amount of forward thinking. Looked in there, yes Hazzard County Choppers is listed, 3 problems, 1 Hazzard in our case is spelled with two, that's(2) ZZ's. Second the number is wrong, and no listing for Highway Hooker Toewing, 3rd the address is wrong. Certainly one would think, that the researchers who print this phone book, would at least verify the numbers listed, as to accuracy. But alas no listing for HazzardAyre, Aviation nor radio, no listing as I said for Highway Hooker Toewing, but then what do you expect from an out of area phone book publisher. Its not just here in Wyoming either, we used to have to bend the ear of these idiots 12 times prior to the production of each years phone book in Idaho. See these things are published all over the area, in all of our mountain west states, and most if not all who make up these goof ball phone books, have never left the immediate area of from which these researchers live and work. What they do is near by sheer duplication of the Dex Pages, just copy and print. What they need to do is put these kids on a damn bus haul em around to the areas these researchers are putting theses books from plus certify each number, especially business listings. 
Okay then. Was on our other cyber highway radio carrier overnight Spreaker.com . The more I use that, the more I like it, I just have one drawback you can't easily post it to where audience can grip where to find, you. But that's a simple thing. Unlike Liverstream.com where we are now, I can be on air and still navigate on my computer, even go online and go harvest news and info without it overpowering my computer that Livestream.com does. Granted it is expensive at $2,k a year but who cares? It works and they at Spreaker.com will really bill you $200.00 a month, even paper invoice style. No extra or special needs to contact tech support, and there's someone at Spreaker 24/7/365. Livestream.com really needs to take a look, Spreaker.com is soon going to biting if not already the heels of Livestream.
Later today, going to take a kick the tires of a place Mo thinks will be good for the radio operation here. I just wish I could see Mo in a skirt with stockings and heels just once, lol.