Sunday, May 8, 2016

Up in them there hills of Western Wyoming a LPFM/AM that is not so Low Power

Up in the mountain desert town of Evanston Wyoming, in a small one bedroom apartment is a rare object. Operating 12 hours a day currently and looking to operate 24/7/365, it sits, and as long as the weather co-operates and neighbors don't yap much, a small combination FM/AM radio station, pumps out the news, views and blues of southern heritage and history, along with serious southern fried radio. The majority and its title is HazzardAyre Radio, linked together with 15 different LP stations throughout the mountain west, and online on , the small hidden station seriously kicks serious radio ass in this part of America. Thing is, many would have no idea its here, nor where that sound late at night comes from. Not a pirate station anymore, and looking to become both a Class A FM and a class 1 AM, KDXD AM 1240 and KKOD FM 104.7 , HazzardAyre boldly goes and speaks what few would ever speak.  The station is owned by the United American Independent Truckers Association/ Knytes-of-Dixie, and was founded in Hagerman Idaho in the fall of 1975. With 50 watts of power frying a small Russian Olive tree where the antenna was attached . Today powering off a small antenna on top of a peak, over the Evanston Wyoming Valley and directly within line of site of the studio, 10,000 watts of AM/FM radiates over a small rural town and keeps a busy Interstate informed and entertained. Also heard around the world down your streets and up your alley online over HazzardAyre is the voice, and muscle media wise of today's Confederacy, and the mouthpiece of the United Confederate States-of-America. 
Stay Tuned.
Will be on air Monday morning at 06:00 Hours.