Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Next week is a big day for this club, and my passion of and for its voice.

Overnight I was not on the air due to my voice not working. In essence my vocal chords were not working. However dig this on that. Next week is the birthday of the Knytes's radio network and all that is now part of our Club. It was on the 23rd of May 1983, in that big farm house on the hill overlooking all of Hazzard Idaho, that tiny KTOW FM 89.1 at the time, signed on the air. We were then, the only NBC Radio affiliate in Idaho, that carried all of NBC Radio's programming. Heavy Hooker Radio was the only overnight heavy haul toewers radio show, that was ever on the radio then and since, and of course evenings we were the Hazzard County Radio. We didn't change out call letters of the home station until 2012 in the attempt to buy out KBAR AM 1230 out of Rupert Idaho, we sold KTOW to a station in Colorado in exchange for what we have today KDXZ. That being that, over the years the stations, the network and its programming has covered every thing that burns fuel, and has tires or wings on it. We have seen the good with the bad. In 2012, Hazzard County Radio and AyreWolf Radio combined to create HazzardAyre and nobody here has looked back since. We have been ridiculed, bombed, shot at , held by the law in Cokeville Wyoming, due to a term that was completely mis understood, the saw the name Hooker as meaning lot lizards, we saw and see the word Hooker meaning tow truck, and we are not alone in that view. We are now just a month or so, hopefully less if the people that I met with previous evening at the ESBN, meeting and others of flipping the switch to the flame of KDXZ AM 1240 Evanston Wyoming, but this is not all about that. Its about the thing and things and all that have led up to that. To get the perfect vision , I'll get into that later today, but know this. 
Our regionally and expanding nationally, beyond the Mountain West as a network, and entering TV, and all is a story of success. With 3 Emmy's , 2 Grammy's and 2 Oscars, HazzardAyre is a rags to riches story. 
My eyelids are getting heavy so I'm off to bed, these meds I took for my vocal chords, is putting me to sleep, but I'll be on air, if all goes right, at 13:00 Hours(1:00PM) Mountain Standard Time.