Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pretty good when its the middle of May and you still need a space heater to stay Warm yet spend big money on natural gas for heat but your still cold

Before I get into my rant here, by now most of you know that the main officers of the Founding charter of the Knytes, has pending a vote to not continue with the buy of what was to be the Boars Nest here.
Reasons for the withdrawl of that buy are many, but much of it has to do with the lack of prebuy local support, and the limited if any, lady eye candy prospective employees. So rather than me kill myself for a community that would just asoon, see me vacate, I and President Rick, said might be time for me to look to going home back to Hazzard Idaho. And I'm pretty much decided on that. Although I'd like to finish up the radio thing first and of course getting my rigs and rides ready for such a trip. Both will take a couple of months.
Which leads me to my main topic. I'm not one for sub zero weather. Although Idaho has some of that, it usually does not last long, and I've never, even when I lived in a shop near Burley, Idaho, had to run a space heater along with the gas furnace just to stay warm. Turn it off and its freeze city. I think if somebody would buy the Wentworth here, put some serious green into it, it would be a great little place to hold up for awhile. But the people who own this, as well as like I when I brought the idea to buy that fracking bar, buy land for a bunch of money, sink a bunch of money into it, but in the end, your going to be lucky if you break even, if that. Face it friends Evanston Wyoming is not a place to drop anchor, its more of a place to take a piss, buy gas , then get outta town. Tammy did it, many others I know have done it. Now its my turn. 
Just got done burning the music tracks for tonights show, but I have that long haul to Hazzard in the morning, so I'm off to dream land.