Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Maybe this time, she's the one for our ayrewaves

Is she the one for our AyreWaves? More over to be my 1st officer? Could she be another Erin aka nurse GoodBody ? 
 I can't say at this point, as I'd hate to pre qualify her yet, but if my instincts are correct perhaps.
 But I wont say that she isn't. Of course I don't expect the patience nor the off beat attitude that Erin had but if I can get stockings on a gal that has only one pair in her dresser, we might be on the right vector. It wouldn't be wrong I don't think, but I do not any longer put all the eggs in one basket. I have yet to put lips to her toes in hose, to bring to life a new trademark pic of our toying with the two words TOE and TOW merged together as TOEWZ, 
 as Erin did, but that's a task that will be engaged in a week or so. Much though hangs on this gal 
 after all the Knytes and the AyreWolvez combined are about to drop $4,million plus in the cash stash's of some area residents here in the greater Evanston Wyoming area. Some times I wonder that I might be loosing to fully communicate the message that several items need to be understood. It's not all MY money, that's going in here, nor is it just one club but a combination of the two that makes all this possible. The three things that the club coming to Evanston to begin with are one just margainly completed. One is the radio operation, which I'm leaning on to demonstrate that we can move everything to a throughput climax. The other is of course the bar, and the other and last but not least the MC shop/Toew service. So why all the honeys? That question is asked all the time. Thing is being as we're online and soon to be on video as well as radio, both online and over the air, there's cameras eyeballing all the goings on here in the studio for the world to see. The last thing most want to see is my fat belly and bald head in my DVD's, having a sweet cake in studio, as the straight person to my warped comedy, the other is as it right now we are online, to get people to visit to view and hear us, TV and enthusiasts/trade publication ads need to be produced and aired. Again the last thing that all want to see , is just me, so having a hottie posing in the studio or with me for those ads, as well as the Toewing side of Hazzard County Choppers, is that well known toew kiss. To go further here. If we can't get enough honeys for the radio gig and TV ads, how then do we recruit and employ, as well as deploy, employees in a biker/gearhead bar? After all , I know what I want to see behind the bar when I walk in, and that is some dude, that's grumpy as hell. I want to see super hottie shortcake pouring brew and hootch.  So is our new find the one for our AyreWaves? Let you know.