Monday, May 2, 2016

HazzardAyre Becomes a star in a troubled era

Some out in bytch land have been saying things about HazzardAyre that it was just a accident. Not so. HazzardAyre's roots are so well rooted that it's a miracle to all of us that have been the cultivators of it since we planted the seeds that have grown into this bumper crop we call HazzardAyre Radio. However credit must be gave to many of the supporting cast, and those that give the seeds the fertilizer it needed to grow. 
There is a big difference between a syndicated radio show and a full on online, on demand network, even if it is a niche in a given market. Or a niche in radio. HazzardAyre's roots started in 2001 when after moving to Layton Utah with Dixie-Deere Racing's driver and pit boss, a few of the air crew of the AyreWolvez, and a few barley pops, the idea of taking what was great about Armed Forces Radio, and honoring military aviators off of AFRN, and putting it on, over the air radio. So in searching out suitable licensable call letters we discovered , thought was this could be groovy and a way to get us heard across the nation, not just metro-Utah or rural Idaho. So over time AyreWolfFM was conceived, and in 2003 launched. Soon after the collapse of the club's major funding occured. When it did, we were wondering, now what? Not to be done for, I moved back to Idaho after some creative and personeel conflicts both here then in 2006 with Tammy Hunt, and a greedy sales jerk. After that I moved twice, once to Pocatello, Idaho. Where I signed up for Vision12 aka Pocatello's cable access TV channel. We took what we did on air on radio and put it on TV, to at first a limited audience, expanding to the first time in its history that Vision12 became rated in area media ratings services. Understand I went in to do a hours worth of historical bit on military aviation, once past that extending into things Hazzard County, I was doing 5 hours a week or the equal to one hour a day all 5 days a week there. All of a sudden Hazzard County TV(Radio) was a contender. Then I found an ad for a defunct nuclear power plant to be built near Mountain Home Idaho. Needing income I moved to Glenn's Ferry Idaho. No job, but an okay place to live. At that point had no idea of getting back into radio or media. But a need arose so I dove back in. A few part time runs at then KBOI 670 out of Boise, thought was lets do Dixie Diesel Radio again. So my immediate production staff put on our thinking cap and bought equipment and we started that back up. It was the election year of 2008, the Confederate National Party and an acting rep for the Son's of Confederate Veterans got the Knytes involved, so as a result, the CNP was now a independent political party to which someone could get elected to office. At the end of 2008, shortly after the elections, the bottom fell out from under speculative real estate, ventures and the landlord lost his loan on the place I had been living in. Bottom line it was move time. So I moved to Gooding Idaho. A sweet lady who was hooked up with a ANG soldier next door, and I became long good friends. Through her and a loan of her wifi, we started back in with AyreWolfFM. Until I found that cousin Bud, didn't dig on the high cost of me residing where I did, but I was not going to loose, what we had started to being built. So I moved the radio gig into an office 7 blocks from where I resided there. Guess what? The US Post Office there, they said could not find where I was at, thing is it was the same letter carrier who served where I lived. But lost ALL of my mail, including the checks from the club and Bud to pay the damn rent on the office/studio. However what occured there was true magic. I got to meet and work with, two great ladies , Erin, and Emme Lee. We created award winning radio, and was kicking ass throughout the syndicated radio world, as well as Satellite radio. If the jackass that rented us that office wouldn't have upset the apple cart, we would have been knocking down $200k a week. But oh well. Gear confiscated I pretty much gave it all up, until I leap frogged through Bliss Idaho to Buhl, Idaho. While this is getting long in the tooth, I was one night thinking of how to merge Hazzard County Radio with AyreWolfFM, when the name hit me like a bolt of lightning. I stood up in bed, HazzardAyre. By this time a cat named Matt out in DC had harvested what we were doing on AyreWolfFM , into Warbird Radio. I tried several times to get him to get together with us, but he shoved us into the ignore corner. But HazzardAyre kept growing, and by the time I got to that place, of Charlie's in Twin Falls Idaho, I was looking to how to grow HazzardAyre even more. Like the saying goes, if a idea does not grow it dies. So through a CraigsList ad, a engineer out of Lake Tahoe Nevada, got involved, got us involved with and couldn't be happier. Now with just weeks left, to refire the network into a over the air station here in Evanston Wyoming, the need to find , train and hire on air talent, put together the website and all is vital. But thing is HazzardAyre Radio, is and has become a vision, that became light.
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