Thursday, May 19, 2016

My what a day, and oh how that transmission hurt

So I got up this morning,Went out to the shop. In comes an oil rig with a bad tranny, think the guy was looking for Nates, place, but found us instead. I'm no longer passing work off to Nate, if its a service/repair job, I'm taking it on. So started dropping this RTO125-13 out of this truck, and the jack slipped, down on my cranium it came. After some very choice adjectives, one of my bunch took me to the hospital, and as of an hour ago its on its way, money in the bank, and I feel a bit better.
Although the hospital told me to take it easy for a few hours, so I swung into the Wolf's Lair, here, took 4 Goody's and was scraffing down some Hungry Mans soup, when Pam calls. Again wanting the financial pedigree of the club. I simply said no. Then she wanted to talk to the President(Rick) who is right now in Nebraska and should be in here tonight or early morning Saturday. Now amongst the many reasons, I really didn't want to refer the business with Pam to Rick, is that I need both Rick, and the Club to know I still can swing these projects, or I might loose my spot as VP, and I'm not wanting to do that. Anything that challenges my authority, is near a death sentence in more ways than one. So I simply was ready to drop the whole damn sale, and stay on the course of finishing things up and move the whole Club's sub office to Pocatello or that area of Idaho. It didn't take long for that whole thing to be turned over and now its slated that noon today I sign for the Club, for the new brew spot. 
Now then, is there some point where the American male lost his testies, in this nation? Has it always been to where if you get more than one woman and a few girls together in one place, that any man there gets shoved to the rear? Of course this time Pam was buying, which I think fair, since the MC is about to hand her one helluva commission, I deserve at least one stiff drink. And it was a small one at that. Oh well, but here I'm trying to think of what to ask, so my mind is clear on the questions that will be asked at the table, when the check is carved. Yet twice I had to say, I'm VP, my turn. Seems as two potential bar servers there, don't like each other. One who says she's stepping up to be my civilian 1st officer here, and another. Both seem to be kind and all, but where is the telecom conversations? I understand women and all have lives of their own, with children, husbands and all, but I don't see daylight and seldom unless I have to be before noon. Some guy riding some bike that I don't know what it is was there telling me he was a candidate to being some sort of resident engineer for the station. The 1st officer candidate doesn't like another gal I met the other night at the ESBN meeting, who wants to open some sort of health food place out where consideration of planting the front of HazzardAyre Radio. My thoughts are push Mo out of the idea, Julie and I move into the same space, split the rent, as what Julie does compliments what we do in HazzardAyre and both could be of service to the other. But all that was going off is too much I don't know if they want to jump into our pool. Noon yesterday, my mind was starting to unwind. Simply because the bar thing and stress was removed all for about an hour. I wanted Julie and I even if it was in a public place to sit the hell down and discuss turkey. $5,000.00 to build our Club's site isn't bad, and that's in the works, but if there's a consideration of Julie to my exec officer, shouldn't there be a sit down? But I kept getting shoved back, and it was not a place I like to be. Guess the old adage of squaw walk in rear, Chief in front, has melted away. 
See ya'll on the radio , 
I'll be on at noon today, going to try and get rid of this headache.