Sunday, May 1, 2016

Redneck Sunday edition, can you pass the Goody's Headache Powder Please?

In a world where you would think ancient technology and old skool tools would be available, its missing, and can't be found, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
First, couldn't withdraw money from my account via the Wells Fargo, ATM, until 10:00AM, so no dough to go to to church due to low fuel supply. So rolled home, got in bed and slept until 2:00PM(14:00). Needing feed and with nothing in town to snag food from, went to the Legal. Got there only to find no Lexi there, oh well so went into the resturant side of the facility, and grabbed a Johnny Tightlips Steak, and two drafts. Didn't figure on two drafts knocking me in the head as fast or as bad as it did, but hey good food. The fact that there is really little if anything in Evanston on a Sunday, to grab grub at least a sit down all you can eat buffay, (You spell it Buffet , I spell it my way). Which is churning in the minds of the club. Instead of a bar in town, why not a great none alky bar and grill ?
Hello, Cooter's Grill & Bar, all Hazzard County all the time. So am meeting with our land gal pal Pam, to get her looking where such could be housed.
So Got done with eating , went out to the shop, thinking that I could get a project done, its really warmer than it looks outside. So found my drill, broken bit, but since my old skool drill requires a chuck key, I'm stopped. So go to WalMart, guess what? No old skool chuck key for a drill. So gotta wait until Monday, to go to Murdoucks here, to buy(hopefully) a chuck key for my drill. Its too damn bad that our city leaders of Evanston, thumbed their noses at both Tractor Supply Company, which is now in Morgan Utah, rather than Evanston , even though Evanston was their first choice. The other was its too damn bad that Harbor Freight Tools got stopped. They had eyes on the old spot in the strip mall where Radio Shack was here. Reason they got stopped? Because Harbor Freight was in cohearts with Victoria's Secret to buy that section of the mall and open a Victoria's Secret in one space and a Harbor Freight tools store next door. So what happened? They went to Rock Springs. Trouble is, now I have two choices, go to Ogden in the morning for a $2.50 chuck key, or order one. In the first case, I have to spend $40.00 in gas down , back, and a snack, loosing a half day, or   order the blooming thing and wait a week. Which means , I'm stopped , or spend $180.00 for a new chuckless drill. There goes my extended money for the month. Come on Evanston City Council officials, lets stretch your necks a bit out there and let corporate America in so we can have what we need here. You can't grow a field of hay unless you fertilize it, by the same furrow, you can't grow the rest of the crops unless the bees have a source to pollinate from, in this case the smb business's here can't grow, unless the reasons we can't is the supply chain is a long ways off. But don't despare (mis spelled on purpose) Hazzard County Tool & Paint Supply is coming to Evanston. What is Hazzard County Tool & Paint Supply? It's an automotive paint and body shop, supply store with PPG, and Dupont mixing of paints, with all those things you need, from specialty sand paper to DA sanders. Hazzard County Tool & Paint Supply, is also a discount but quality tool store. So people like me don't have to drive 200 miles round trip to buy a simple thing like a chuck key for an old skool electric drill. Watch here and listen to HazzardAyre Radio for news of our grand opening March of 2017.
So with the RDMA's That's the Radio-Disney Music awards on, I'm now off to the side, but could someone pass me the Goody's Headache Powder, for those who don't know what that is;  There are some northeners that might require directions to what Goody's are.
 There are many things that one can take for head pain or any pain, but Goody's are the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost of pain relievers. There is absolutely nothing on the pain reliever rack in any store that out powers, and does as fast a job of getting rid of a hangover headache, than Goody's. Absolutely nothing, better. I take 3 a day, for my heart and to thin my blood to keep from having DVT or leg blood clots. 
Still looking for on air and engineering employees at HazzardAyre/ KDXD but still no takers. I was talking to Dave over at WalMart the other night, he about fell over when I told him we pay a starting wage of $20.00 an hour at the station and will be paying $15.00 an hour plus tips at both Cooter's Grill & Bar and of course the Reaper Club. Yet as long as a year now, no takers. Some ask why Ihave people come to the Wolf's Lair to interview? Reason is simple 70% without holding their hands couldn't find the shop on their own. Plus with the work at getting the systems installed in the old City Hall location of the radio/TV station, there's too many interupting noises going on, so hey we meet here at the Wolf's Lair. Oh sure I get the noise of many here saying , why don't you drive a newer car? Mostly because I love the one I have, even with its leaks, its serving me well, and I don't owe the bank one penny on it, as well as the LiL Wolf, nor LexiBelle. I own em outright. Second, the club pays the wages , I'm just the person that does the lifting for the club. So that's why, plus don't judge what you see, from what one has. Or from what has as in ratio to their financial or other worth. I just love to live humble after all what the hell am I to do? Take it with me when I die? I'd rather enrich my mind rather than my bank account, after all , my mind wont steal money from my bank account, yet the bank sure as hell will. There's a very few people here in Evanston that knows this, but I'll explain it. Pam knows some of it, but thing is when I lost Janice(aka Monkee) due to my infidelity, but too, due to her loving me for my wallet, not me. When I lost her, I purposely, said no more looking or acting like little Lord Fontleroy. No more looking like a well off nerd. Nope, I said, I'm living simple and on a budget. The club, the shop, and my business has been doing that since 2004, and its why the club , has what it has, that its able to buy a bar , why it can buy a radio station, able to buy a TV station, and able to pay slightly better than average wages. 
Any way back to the RDMA's . 
Will be on the air early Monday morning at 05:00(5:00AM).