Saturday, April 30, 2016

Can I have a Beer please?

Note to self: Not all computer programs that are free to download and use are not so compatable or easy to install. As many of you know last night to improve some of radio op's sound quality, I downloaded a so called sound processor. Easy to install and use it said, bs, so am working to remove that program and install the old sound processor program, so we'll not be on until noon Sunday. In big towns downloading a system program make take only seconds or minutes, here in Evanston, Wyoming, it takes a few hours. So be patient we'll get it done, just not as fast as you might expect. Okay then moving on.
The Reaper Crew is moving ahead with the bar project, they just got the letter of intent from the sellers and now its full building inspection, regulatory inspections, then its time to cut the bank check and what was the Hornets Nest, will become; The Reaper Club. We had intended to open two facilities, but the lack of a required suitable labor force here in Evanston, it was decided that one would be good, and reopen the western version of the Boars Nest in Idaho, near American Falls Idaho. 
Well it's that time again, to recruit, train and deploy the sweet southern honeys that will be the Hazzard County Honeys. And of course Miss Hazzard County/UCSA 2016/17. 
 This is a great career opening for someone looking to get into modeling and commercial TV product pitching. This is where we find the special ladies that will represent the club, and the United Confederate States of America on our TV and magazine ads as well as special events such as DukesFest West . Miss Hazzard County will be awarded a grand prize cash prize of a modeling contract worth $150,000.00 , plus a bunch of perks, so all you southern Belles types, best get in touch. 
So with that, I'm going off line, watching TV such as it is , grabbing a brew or two, then its off to dreamland , church in the AM .