Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A great new morning in our Hazzard County

I'm not going to spend much time here , this morning. My head hurts, my butt aches and going through files on the old computer my eyes hurt. However this aims directly at what we in the Knytes are all about. In our world we call it Hazzard County Tenacity, more defined, Hazzard County Enginuity. Which aims at the question I always have are we the only ones doing life and commerce right? Even with the economic downturns, recession and all the Hazzard Knytes and all our subsidiaries are doing well. Nobody is getting rich understand, at least individually. Many of us do what we do for the club, because we love what we do in preserving the Hazzard County legacy, more over the Hazzard way of life. Simple, down to earth, all creeds, ethnic groups, and peoples. Sure we as a club have standards that must be stuck to, but overall, we are making good incomes from the clubs investments. This brings me to a point of order. Many think that if the club is doing well then why ain't I? If the club is knocking down $20,million in its cash stash why aren't I driving a newer ride, and living high on the Hogg? The reason is simple, I just manage the clubs finances and suggest where they go, that's my duty to the club. Myself if the shop of mine and my towing service is doing well, I do too, if not then I scrape by just like everyone else. The club makes mucho money, as for me not so much, and over the last 6 months very well not so much. Sure I miss home and Hazzard Idaho 
but right now with two rides needing serious repair and LexiBelle needing some serious TLC, relocation is just not possible right now, plus I kinda like it where I'm at. I mean where else can you walk out of your home on a crisp April night with your coffee, and watch mule deer playing? Or see the grand plan of God displayed right in front of you. Sure there are a ton of assholes here in Evanston, I have met and dealt with many here, but in times of trouble this town will circle the wagons and help where they can, and be kind about it. Of course there is the fact that the full project of our Hazzard County on air as well as online radio station isn't fully done, there is much still needed to be done. The two bars, and all still need to be bought, refurbished and redone to Hazzard County standards. But I know it can all be done and by years end. Along with OUR Hazzard County website, and all , my plate is pretty full. Again I know it can be done because Hazzard folks don't quit. That might be why, with all the failures of our nation, with all the unintelligence along with a heaping amount of Yankee stupid, as it once was said on a Dukes episode, Walon said, " Hey don't laugh, if it can happen anywhere, it will happen in Hazzard County" And its the Hazzard Knytes, making it happen, we do Hazzard , the right way. 
Next Entry; the Hazzard County Nationals aka DukesFest West, 2017, Uinta County Fairgrounds, Evanston Wyoming. Watch here for further details.