Friday, April 22, 2016

So the club is buying two bars, my concerns are who will run them? Where do you get employees? Same goes for the radio station and pin up girls.

So it was a Saturday night, in our studios in Woods Cross Utah. With no open bars around and the need for brew for the Reaper crew high we sat there downing a few barley pops, tuned into doing the Saturday night edition of HazzardAyre Radio. The week had gone extremely well, 4 super foxes signed up for on air shifts, we had 6 pin up girls we were as we thought in Hogg Heaven. So as we looked around the cyber highway caught a blip of a radio station here in Evanston, going dark. Shit one of the guys said, we fire that back up and we have our Wyoming booster station for HazzardAyre. Now there are some things you should never say. One is " I'll never do that or go or live there again" Because as sure as Boss Hogg robbing a old lady's property taxes, you'll do it again. In 2006 when I pulled the plug and ultimately relocated back into Idaho, I said then, " I'll never move back there again" This is one of those , "I'll never do or live there again" things, guess where I'm at. So we rather I moved here. At first the plan was, stay here long enough to erect the radio station set up, train at least two or three people along with a administrator and station manager, then I'd move back to either Utah or home to Idaho. At first I moved into an oversized Varmit hut out at Yellow Creek Estates. Really, Estates? More like the Yellow Creek burial grounds. Tired of no ability to get Internet (more on that in a few stanzas.) or cable TV, I got in my truck, not knowing where to go, found the Wentworth and with the kindness of Janet, I moved in. The first location for the station, was the 5th floor of the Wells Fargo building, here. The tower on the roof , for additional money per month, plus that floor has head shrinks, and such on it. No daytime radio noise allowed. So moved everything back here to the Wolf's Lair here at the Wentworth # C-202. So thought came needed a brew with the Reaper Crew, Big Ricky from Twin Falls was here. No Lotty's, finally went to Legal Tender, but being as BIG Ricky, is the current Prezz of the Knytes he says lets buy Lotty's, remold that into our image of the brew house on SOA, and we can really rake in cash to our stash. So I started sniffing around that quite a bit. All would have went well there except, no beer or booze license available. Back to focusing on the radio station. You can't run a bar, without that license and at $4,000.00 a month and/or buying it for $600k the numbers don't level out. So we scrubbed that, still determined to just do the radio gig and me get the hell out of here. So thought was let's at least do the chopper shop/towing service. So found a shop, but with promises from three idiots of paying half of rent and all, I kept seeing getting LexiBelle, my tow truck here fading as fast as Boss Hogg eating raw liver(the man loved the stuff). Until Rick came into the picture. August and September went okay, but in October I suffered a devastating blowout on the old General JaXson, so there went October's rent. Until the last day of October, this big rig freight hauler blows a alternator, we get the call. Out went Rick and I, got the trucker to our shop, ultimately we made some serious cash. So instead of rent in November we went and fetched LexiBelle. Which started a downhill snowball of worse turning into worst. Until Rick and I both said we can't do no more. So I got a slightly lower cost shop, split between myself and the club, Rick got his own place and here we are.
So then, club want's to go full bore on two bars in and near Evanston. Good. Both come with hefty price tags, that really isn't the problem, the real problem is, who the heck is going to work at those bars? What kind of serious eye candy is going to drive out to the Boars(currently Hornets) Nest, as well as where the Reaper Club will go? Hell we can't even get super foxes, for pinup girls, as well as such mundane tasks as being on air on our radio gig, anchors and co-anchors? Granted there are other jobs like McDonald's , Wal-Mart, and Smith's foods, and a few d0 pay $20.00 an hour, but damn few others. Even Legal Tender only pays $8.00 an hour plus tips, Yet for the same $20.00 per hour with increases of $5.00 an hour every six months of dedicated employment with us, what makes one think that just because we buy and open these Biker/Hazzard themed bars, that there's going to be biker/Hazzard County attired female foxes that will work there? 
Does make one wonder. 
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