Monday, April 18, 2016

Retiring Hookers and turning up the heat on the Wolf

Breakfast at the Legal just as they're changing the menu and buffay from breakfast fixins to lunch is a gamble. So the Wolf-Pack and I sat there discussing the survival of MY company. Not the club, but MY COMPANY. The items involved everything from our toew kiss to the name of the Parent company. Over the years this has came and gone, and yes it does generate attention, given that it touches albeit briefly on a pleasure point. Back in 2005 and I recite history, because to know where your going, you need to know where you came from. That being that, from the start of me going towing, Highway Hooker Toewing has been our rather my staple. However there are some and I do say bigoted, but some law enforcement officials and others do not, and cannot get the idea through some rather thick skulls into their brain fluid, what little many have, that our definition of Hooker has to do with tow truck, not lot lizard. However that being that, Highway Hooker Toewing does make albeit not much if any here in western Wyoming since we screwed the pooch on this past winter, with taking on partners and others that were more into their OWN agendas rather than what we had in mind for the older shop. That said, in 2005 when I brought my crew here the second time, there was a city fuzz in CokeVille that did not get the idea of what we were all about. Now to be fair , having a younger short skirt run me up some paperwork, and such probably did not help, but over all, CokeVille had the idea of setting up a brothel rather than a towing service. So we left, came over here to Evanston and did okay for the first few months, then with the stubborn lack of momentum economicly and all I moved back to Idaho, followed by Tammy Hunt and her brood. Now in there we had always thought of how do we create a toew service that complimented our air SAR/Farm aviation company AyreWolf Aviation? We churned many names over from BlackWolf to a few others. We finally arrived at RodeWolf Toewing. Now its spelled the way it is, to give a tip of the hat to the on TV bar/grill on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour , called The Rode House. 
What I'm here to announce this afternoon, is that besides Hazzard County Choppers, we are bringing to light something we will call RodeWolf Truck & Diesel Service, with that we are going to be retiring Highway Hooker Toewing and bringing in RodeWolf Toewing. Much of the rest of the company will stay as it, as well as it's marketing projects, from the famed and trademarked toew kiss
 to our yellow/green/black paint, but a very new attitude. It is planned that over the next 10 years to retire all of our former toewing service trade names and meld em into one; that being: RodeWolf Toewing. We will be calling American Falls Idaho , home and extending to every current location including Evanston, and maybe attempt to step into CokeVille as well as Fort Bridger Wyoming as well.
Stay tuned